Empower your multi-service business by creating a Gojek clone app
Empower your multi-service business by creating a Gojek clone app
As we live in the era of digital technology, nothing can be said to be impossible. Yes, what once was a dream has now turned to reality in the form of mobile apps.

 On-demand services are overtaking the traditional business model. So, at present, people get to access all services and get all they need right from their homes' comfort.

The primary role of any entrepreneur is to fulfill the user's demand. Well, are you a business person looking to provide all majorly used services like cab booking, food delivery, car ash, roadside assistance, plumbing, etc., in a single app?

In short, do you want to have a multi-service app offering more than one service? Well, then you have come to the right place. Kick-off your multi-niche business by implementing your valuable business ideas with the leading and the most-trusted clone script service provider, Inoru's user-friendly Gojek clone providing a top-notch, unique clone script that matches your business requirements.

Okay, let's see what our Gojek clone app has in store in the upcoming section. Let's get started!

Updated features - Gojek clone

Our Gojek clone app is incorporated with advanced features considering the current pandemic situation in mind. We tend to keep our script updated with the trending news and technology. The features include,

  • Contactless delivery

We have integrated this feature in our Gojek clone to enable service providers to deliver the orders without contacting users. The service providers drop off their orders, and users can pick them up.

  • Take away

Users can place their orders using an app and can prefer to collect them directly from the store using this feature.

  • Safety badge for stores

This feature displays stores that have safety badges. Meaning it follows all precautionary measures and safety protocols. Using this feature, users can know the stores that follow such safety measures.

  • Face mask scanner

Our Gojek clone has this remarkable feature where it helps your users know if the service provider is wearing a face mask or not for your user’s safety.

  • Knowledge banners

This banner feature educates your users about the virus, symptoms to observe, etc., while using an app.

Get our fully functional Gojek clone app and stamp your online presence in the multi-service business by developing and launching your Gojek app.