Eightfold Transforms Upskilling and Reskilling with Career Hub
Eightfold Transforms Upskilling and Reskilling with Career Hub
Eightfold AI, the provider of the Talent Intelligence Platform™, today announced the expansion of its industry-leading Talent Management solution.

Eightfold AI, the provider of the Talent Intelligence Platform™, today announced the expansion of its industry-leading Talent Management solution. Central to this expansion is Career Hub, which pairs sophisticated AI-powered capabilities with a central destination for complete career development.

A primary goal of every CHRO is to align business objectives with employee aspirations to unlock their full potential. As remote and hybrid work environments become the norm, HR business leaders require deep insight into the capabilities of their entire workforce. Current investments across different systems need to be transformed into a cohesive experience for employee upskilling and reskilling initiatives. Career Hub is designed to provide agility to both the CHRO and employees by facilitating prescriptive, unbiased talent development and deployment within a single platform. Accomplishing this at global scale requires the application of an artificial intelligence platform, multiple enterprise data sources, robust matching algorithms and a great employee user experience (UX).

Eightfold leverages an underlying global data set to fully understand the availability, maturity, relevance, learnability and evolution of skills in the global market. This allows leading organizations to be specific with their upskilling and reskilling programs and offer a personalized experience to employees, generating better returns from their existing HR investments.

“We all need to think about our careers proactively – constantly evaluating the external circumstances and thinking about the skills we have and could have that will keep us relevant,” said Vicki Walia, Chief Talent and Capability Officer at Prudential Financial. “This is a great way to start that learning journey to hone a new skill or take on a passion project.”

The Eightfold Career Hub is available in 15 languages to address the global workforce from full time to contingent labor. Eightfold AI uses purpose-built artificial intelligence to help each employee:

  • Keep employee profiles current, automatically updating them through integration with collaboration tools, task management systems, project management suites and other legacy systems. When paired with notifications and alerts, the AI platform serves relevant opportunities to each individual in the company
  • Chart their own career path within the flow of their day-to-day work. Discover in-house opportunities to learn new skills and capabilities, creating specific growth opportunities aligned with company strategy and personal aspirations
  • Hone new capabilities with actual projects in a talent marketplace that delivers experiential learning, versus classroom education
  • Work directly with recommended mentors and peer programs, inspiring learning and fostering collaboration

“The world has changed, and your employees are seeking an organization that invests in their long-term success,” said Ashutosh Garg, Co-Founder and CEO of Eightfold AI. “They can’t be asked to go to five different places, or rely on a simple talent marketplace, to accomplish their goals. We have deployed the world’s most powerful data and technology to solve this exact problem, and the result is a scalable AI platform that puts career development and growth front and center for each employee.”