Do You Need Personal Injury Lawyers for Dog Bites?
Do You Need Personal Injury Lawyers for Dog Bites?
Allow yourself to heal while a dog bite accident lawyer pursues compensation for your losses. You must hire a personal injury lawyer in Dallas for a dog bite accident.

According to the CDC, one out of every 69 individuals is bitten by a dog. If you think about that number for a second, it's a lot of people. Dog bites are common, but they can also result in significant medical issues in many circumstances. Some dog bites are severe enough to necessitate medical attention right away. These occurrences frequently require the assistance of Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers, who know the importance of pursuing a lawsuit against the animal's owner.


You are entitled to compensation for the injuries suffered if you got injured due to a dog bite. However, if you lack adequate representation, you could end up with nothing. 


Continue reading to learn about the most important reasons to seek an attorney following a dog bite accident.


Why is a dog bite serious?

Do not underestimate a dog bite as a minor ailment. If a dog has bitten you, you must get medical assistance. These bites can be considered major medical issues for several reasons:


If a dog bit you, there's a good chance that the bite included rabies. Rabies is commonly transmitted by saliva, making it easy to spread if the dog has the condition.


MRSA and Pasteurella are two frequent illnesses contracted due to dog bites. If not appropriately treated, these infections can lead to severe diseases.

Loss of blood

A deep bite can result in significant blood loss without prompt medical attention. To close the incision, stitches and, in some instances, surgery may be required.

Damage to tendons and muscles

Depending on the intensity of the bite, internal injury to tendons and muscles may necessitate surgery.


All of the ailments listed above necessitate medical attention, and you may require long-term treatment in other situations, which can spiral out of control financially. It is just one of the primary reasons why you should choose a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer without making any delays.


Top benefits of hiring an injury attorney for dog bites

Lawyers can assist you get the accurate compensation you deserve


If a dog bite has harmed you, there's little doubt that you should seek compensation. The specifics of the dog bite incidence will determine your payout amount.


For example, it can be challenging to prove your case if you were voluntarily on someone's property at the dog bite.

However, it is essential to note that in Texas law, the general rule is that a dog or other domestic animal's owner is strictly accountable for injuries caused by the animal only if the owner is aware or has reason to be mindful of the animal's dangerous propensities.


Understanding of dog bite laws


Dog bite laws exist in every state, including Texas, and cover a variety of claims. A lawyer could assist you in filing a lawsuit against the pet owner if you suffered a severe injury from a dog bite resulting in fractures, disfigurement, or cosmetic surgery if the dog bite happened without being provoked. Severe injury claims are also allowed if the dog has not bitten or attacked anyone before.


You might only file a claim for medical expenses if the dog bite was not serious. Another option is to file a hazardous dog lawsuit against the owner and demand compensation for the losses you suffered if the dog's owner was aware that the dog has previously bitten or attacked another person. A lawyer knows dog bite regulations and is current on legislation that impacts them.


Lawyers are great negotiators.


Because they understand working with insurance companies, personal injury attorneys are experienced negotiators. You do not have to accept the dog owner's or its insurance company's offer of a less-than-reasonable settlement to pay out as little as possible.


A lawyer can examine the offer and communicate the nature of the incident on your behalf to persuade the insurance company to raise the settlement offer to a more reasonable level.

An attorney will be aware if an insurer does not provide a fair settlement offer and will be able to fight for your best interests.


Pet owners are responsible


Dog bites can happen for several reasons. There are instances where people do it for various reasons in the past, including protection, stress, and even to have fun.


Small children are frequently victims because they unwittingly place themselves in a situation that irritates a dog to bite. But it is the pet owner's responsibility to keep the dog under control.

Your case is straightforward if a dog bites you out of control in a public place. However, remember that the circumstances surrounding each event will affect the outcome of your case.

So, hiring a personal injury lawyer who can fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries is essential.

Your personal legal assistance


You have someone on your side when you hire a legal advocate. Dallas personal injury attorney will fight for the highest amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

A dog bite attorney can also determine the amount of the at-fault party's liability and if any other parties are liable. Other persons that may be held accountable, in addition to the dog owner, include:


  • Landlords who are aware of the presence of a harmful animal

  • Parents of minors when a person owns a dog under the age of 18

  • Property owners if the dangerous dog is allowed to remain on the premises.

  • Animal keepers or anyone involved in the animal's care or upkeep, such as dog watchers, shelter services, or a pound


Lawyers have resources

Hiring a dog bite attorney provides you with a wealth of resources in the form of a team that will work on your case. The rest of the legal team will research, investigate, and gather evidence to determine whether the dog owner was irresponsible. It usually takes a team to address complex issues successfully, and you will never be alone with this assistance.



Most experts lack the personal and field expertise necessary to negotiate with insurance companies or pursue a claim against the dog owner in the event of a dog bite. Lawyers specializing in dog bite cases see a lot of issues like this. An attorney deals with these attacks; they may file a lawsuit or interact with an insurance carrier. You may not receive the money you deserve if you do not hire someone with this level of professional knowledge in animal assaults.


A lawyer will determine your next step

If you got a settlement offer but think you're entitled to more, you might be unclear about what to do next. You may think you can take the insurance company or the dog owner to court on your own, but statistics show that 25% of people who choose to represent themselves in court lose 90% of the time.


The most critical components of a dog bite accident case, such as the local statute of limitations, when to settle, and when to prosecute, are all handled by an expert injury attorney.


Suppose you and your partner decide to take your accident to court and think this would be an appropriate next step. In that case, your lawyer should be capable of presenting the facts of your case, calling expert witnesses, and strategizing to help you get the settlement you deserve.

A lawyer can determine damages

Expenses relating to past medical costs and missed wages can be easily determined. You could file an injury claim with the owner's insurance company to pay your expenditures if you got hurt in an accident. However, how do you value something as subjective as pain and suffering?


An insurance company will frequently try to award a victim a cheap settlement significantly less than their genuine pain and suffering. A dog bite accident attorney can help you calculate how much you are entitled to and fight for it using their comprehensive understanding of personal injury law and the court system.


To Conclude:


You must seek legal assistance if you get hurt due to a dog owner's negligence. The Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers are well-versed in the appropriate dog bite legislation and harm claims.


Allowing the insurance providers to blame you for the dog bite is not a good idea. Many insurance companies will try to claim that the victim provoked the dog somehow, which resulted in the bite. If you hire an expert personal injury lawyer, insurance companies cannot get away with these deceptions. The lawyer will fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.