Discover New Music From Africa’s Own Streaming Service : Audiocus
Discover New Music From Africa’s Own Streaming Service : Audiocus
So far all other streaming services from abroad are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Harare -  Africa has been growing as far as  web development. Recently a group of Zimbabwean tech-nerds started an Audio Streaming service known as Audiocus.

Audiocus is an app for an audio streaming service which allows audio content creators and distributors to publish their material. Whilst it does not restrict sign ups from anyone in the world, it was created with the needs of independent African content creators in mind.

The application which can be found on Audiocus was initially created by a Zimbabwean award winning producer and developer Raymond “Rayobeats” Sibanda who later collaborated with a team of like minded colleagues.

It is primarily for the undiscovered independent artists to reach the potential global music consumer. Despite having been initially made with the concerns of African  artists in mind, it allows sign ups from all artists and all ethnicities are included. It is thus simultaneously an alternative for music and podcast consumers from anywhere in the world who wish to experience music outside of the imposed curation of saturated platforms where certain cultures and subcultures may be a needle in a haystack.

Giant streaming services benefit more artists from Developed economies, because artists from developed economies have bigger budgets to finance paid traffic and are more likely to be backed by major record companies. This leads to the discoverability of emerging artists from under-developed nations to be low. Even if they tried paid traffic they would not compete with the pay per click on Google Adwords or Facebook because the salary differences are immense. Audiocus gives them a fresh start to compete with artists who exist in the same environment and is thus being marketed within the target market.

Cultures and subcultures which otherwise would have been drowned now have a chance to float and breathe.

Audiocus is in beta testing to allow integrations with local payment systems, which will allow a new pool of subscribers who are barred from using PayPal and with no access to Mastercard to be customers. So far all other streaming services from abroad are leaving a lot of money on the table.

There are a lot of people who make a lot of money, but are not always necessarily eligible to open accounts with banks that offer these cards. yet they make enough money to afford them easily. Giant streaming services have only been available in a large part of Africa to a social class.

Go out and register to audiocus, to experience cultural diversity in music.


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