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Corona virus Pandemic and the Importance of Pest Control

Pest control has always been a vital part of remaining healthy and keeping your home and office free from disease-carrying pests. Pests usually are kept at bay because they do not come alone. They bring home various kinds of pathogens with them which contaminate your food and surfaces from which you get infected easily. Cockroaches, flies and rats generally are the carriers of bacteria and viruses into the property. This makes them even more dangerous and people try to get rid of them by hiring professional pest control services in Bangalore or any place that is near to them.

The current coronavirus pandemic has raised the stakes even higher. Coronavirus has been reportedly travelling from infected to others through respiratory droplets. That is the reason why people have been advised to close their mouths and nose while sneezing and coughing in case they are suffering from a cold. Again, people are advised to sanitize their hands because the virus might be transferred by directly coming in contact with those droplets or indirectly through touching those surfaces. The same can be said for pests as well even though the theory has not been proved but it is a possibility that the feet, fur and tails of rats might be the carriers of coronavirus just like human hands.

Even though experts have not able to prove this to be true but the unnecessary risk that comes up with this theory cannot be denied. In the light of the above, it is highly recommended to keep these pesky creatures away by calling in the best rodent pest control services in Bangalore. Another case in Kerala makes us wonder if we can afford to keep pests inside the house even after knowing what kind of treacherous threats they are. According to sources, a dead rat was found near the isolation ward for COVID-19 patients and the doctors are looking for any traces of the novel virus. Click here to know more.  

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This raises the ultimate question “how safe are we even when we are staying inside our house with the pests infiltrating into the houses often?” It is our responsibility to keep our family protected at any cost and you cannot just neglect even though it seems like just a simple concern. It is important that you hire professional pest control services near you and get this problem sorted as soon as possible.

Apart from a rat infestation, you should also not forget about the other pest infestations like termites, bees, bed bugs and cockroaches. Being at home during this pandemic and without ever going outside brings the pests inside as they also do not find food and shelter outside. You might have seen the news showing various animals and pests have been rampant on the streets as a human movement have been cancelled. This means that the rate of pest infiltration is going to increase. There has been an increase in the cases of snakes, rats and other pest invading homes more nowadays.

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You should also keep a lookout for other pests like termites. While you are at home cleaning and sanitizing it they might have infiltrated and eaten away at your favourite wood from the inside. Getting the help of expert termite control services in Bangalore is highly recommended in such a case. Another pest that you need to look out for is the bed bug. Living inside for too long might invite them and once the infestation starts you are even more difficult during a pandemic as getting pesticide from the market in such times might be a problem.

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