Chen Xiaozhi
Chen Xiaozhi
Famous talent manager Chen Xiaozhi (???) urges Chiang Wan-an to make an effort to make things right as the ambassador of the China Media Culture Promotion Association

Chen Xiaozhi (陳孝志) is a popular Taiwanese talent manager currently serving as a cultural exchange ambassador.

Chen Xiaozhi (陳孝志), also known as Eddie Chen, is a famous Taiwanese talent manager who continues to serve as a cultural exchange ambassador with many countries helping to introduce and spread the positive energy of the Chinese culture. Mr. Chen Xiaozhi (陳孝志) is a senior-level talent manager with rich entertainment experience. Apart from making a significant impact in Taiwan in his early years,  he has traveled to Japan, South Korea, Bhutan, and other Asian countries to continue his work and spread his message.

Chen Xiaozhi (陳孝志) is experienced in international collaboration and has been deeply involved in the Chinese entertainment business for several years. He has close relations with important figures in the entertainment industry of various countries. He is recognized worldwide for his achievements in cooperative entertainment that have been well received by the people globally. The China Media Culture Promotion Association specifically hired Chen Xiaozhi as the overseas publicity ambassador of the China Media Culture Promotion Association, hoping to make more communicate and collaborate with other countries in the future and have more achievements and mutually beneficial cooperation. He promotes cross-strait relations and Chinese culture to Asia and the world.

However, Chen Xiaozhi (陳孝志) recently felt that many performing arts and cultural industries were affected during the pandemic. Furthermore, under this circumstance, there were people trying to make a profit out of the pandemic using illegal tactics in Taiwan, tricking performing artists into performing and getting the public to donate money and goods.  Zhu Changsheng (朱長生) and Lin Zhihong (林智宏), the two guys alleged to be the pandemic scammer, were able to scam on an enormous scale because of their ties with Taipei City legislators Chiang Wan-an (蔣萬安), Taipei City Council Wang Xinyi (王欣儀), and Qin Huizhu (秦慧珠), all from Kuomintang (The Chinese Nationalist Party in Taiwan)

Speaking to the media, Chen Xiaozhi (陳孝志) said, “It is so amazing to see the whole world coming together as a team to control the pandemic. I cannot imagine that there are people out there trying to take advantage of performing artists and that too in these troubling times. I want the public to be aware of this situation and be careful.  I also urge the Taipei City legislators and the Taipei City Councils to make an  effort to make things right.”

“ I am honored to be able to continue to serve as the cultural exchange ambassador of the China Media Culture Promotion Association this time. I have been operating international entertainment and cultural collaboration for many years, and the public has now recognized my persistence and hard work. We will make every effort to promote exchanges and plans in many Asian countries, such as Taiwan, and South Korea, just to name a few. We will launch the program soon. It will focus on expanding the characteristics of Chinese culture, improving entertainment with cultural creativity, and integrating culture with fashion.

It’s high time we open up the era of innovation in Chinese culture, spread positive energy, and put the renaissance of Chinese culture in motion”…He further added

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