Build your ICO with world-class experienced ICO Development services
Build your ICO with world-class experienced ICO Development services
Initial Coin Offering Services

With the gaining popularity, every industry right from health care to e-commerce and retail is using blockchain technology. Almost every business is looking for a decentralized and highly secured network for operation. ICO token development company can help you with launching the ICO and raising funds for your startup. Are you new to the blockchain industry and hoping to give your startup an upgrade? Here is a short guide on everything you need to know an Initial Coin offering and token development


What is an ICO?


Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising model used by crypto projects. If a business project is launching an ICO, it means it is launching a token or a coin to the public. The investors who are interested in the project can buy these ICO tokens for fiat currency or cryptocurrency. The project holders use the fund they raised in this token sale to develop the project. At the same time, the early investors who invest in these tokens can trade them when their value increases and get a high return.


ICO token development


The startup when starting an ICO should have a clear idea of the project before taking the first step. An ICO development company will offer the following 


  • Whitepaper drafting

  • Road map and strategy development

  • Website for the ICO

  • Token development

  • Ico fundraising dashboard

  • ICO marketing strategy 

  • Community management

  • ICO listing


These are some basic strategies for ICO development. There are also other marketing services offered before and after launching the ICO. 


Wrap up


You can carry on with detailed research on the above-mentioned strategies before launching an ICO. Since blockchain is becoming the new trend these days it is advisable to be an early adopter of this new technology. If you need a clear idea in this regard, you can get in touch with an ICO token development company and discuss your business plan with them. They can help you with a solution on blockchain and also will give you a quote on the development process.