Bearings - Purchasing Suggestions
We provide oem service according to your needs, we have provided quality bearings for more than 8,000 customers from all over the world. has the parts you have to replace or upgrade your scooter, skates or board. With wheel bearings for skates and scooters, our variety is as person as you will be. Never worry in case your product is not the same brand because the accessory you want to buy, most bearings come as a regular size (608) to fit any scooter, skateboard or pair of skates. Get more information about TIMKEN 23491/23420 bearings

What are bearings?

Bearings would be the seven or eight balls in the center of each wheel.

There are serviceable and non-serviceable bearings:

Serviceable bearings have a metal shield with a removable "C" ring, or a plastic/rubber removable shield. These might be taken apart to be cleaned, lubricated or replaced.

Non-serviceable bearings possess a metal shield that protects them. These only should be wiped off using a clean cloth.

We stock a selection of Steel and Ceramic bearings:

STEEL - Bearings are circular in shape with flat sides. Each and every one houses seven or eight lubricated balls (ceramic bearings have nine), that are created to disperse the weight of a load and ease tension amongst the wheels and also the axle. These balls are usually produced of steel for durability and economical purposes. For most riders, steel bearings will operate fine. Regrettably, the energy brought on by heavy friction involving the axle along with the wheels can heat up the metal, causing it to expand and render the bearings ineffective. Be cautious to maintain your bearings clean, lubricated and dry, and they?ll perform far better and last considerably longer.

CERAMIC - Skate companies recognized a require for bearings that have been significantly less impacted by heat energy and started supplying ceramic bearings for much more discerning riders. Ceramic bearings, made from a compound called silicon nitride, are smoother and tougher than their steel counterparts. This signifies considerably much less friction to start with (these bearings have little have to have for lubricant); nonetheless, should friction happen, the ceramic material doesn?t expand, so there isn't any effect on the skateboard?s overall performance. As usual, greater overall performance comes at a larger cost; but quite a few skaters will inform you that ceramic bearings are effectively worth the premium.

What does ABEC imply and is this important?

Bearings generally have an ABEC rating, and skaters are generally confused about what this means.

An ABEC Rating refers to the grade in the bearing in reference to smoothness and noise (or lack of). ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee, and is definitely the American method for rating the accuracy and tolerance of bearings. ABEC requirements are set by the American Bearing Companies Association (ABMA).

Each and every bearing has an ABEC rating that indicates the precision of their manufacturing. The greater the rating, the extra precise the manufacture as well as the better the functionality and speed. The common ABEC variety is ABEC-1 by way of to ABEC-9, despite the fact that bearings will not be often measured by ABEC.

Which one is ideal for me?

You will find a wide array of bearings readily available; here are some vital things to help keep in thoughts when picking yours.

Size?- 99% of all scooters, skates and boards use 608 sized bearings. All the bearings we sell are this size.

Money - You don't want to devote more than is essential, having said that the quality of a product is often discerned by the cost. The much more highly-priced ones are basically made having a better sealing, far more inner ball-bearings and larger top quality metals. The larger the price, the better top quality you are probably to obtain, as with most things!

Talent Level - All are appropriate for newbies and recreational riders, but for anybody additional skilled just wanting to move together with much less work, we would strongly recommend acquiring a higher rated bearing.

Cleaning Bearings

Your bearings don't ought to be cleaned following each and every use, but if they grow to be wet or you find dirt / sand lodged within the bearings, they need to be cleaned and dried.

Capacity and Age

Every single type of bearing is appropriate for any age and capacity level. Larger finish products will have a tendency to possess greater high-quality bearings which are created to take additional of a beating.

Warranty Facts

You'll need to notify us if you will discover any important defects once you first receive your product. There is certainly usually a 90 day warranty on parts, this will not cover typical put on and tear. As soon as a product has been used the supplier will not generally replace the entire item. We will look at this on a case by case basis to figure out the nature of defect or damage and make each and every effort to supply the most beneficial general consumer experience.