Ballito Now Has a Mobelli Store
Ballito Now Has a Mobelli Store
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Ballito Now Has a Mobelli Store

You may have a general decorating style in mind for your whole house, but each room has its own style and purpose within that style. When you set up each room and choose materials, accessories, and accents, you should think about how it will be used and by whom.


Think about what each room needs and do research on articles that relate to those rooms. The way you decorate your home should show who you are and what you like, but it should also fit the purpose of each room.


If you have ever tried outfitting a home, you may have noticed that this is not a simple task.

Going through stores and checking out couches for sale can be overwhelming at the best of times.


As a customer, you want something unique, something that will allow your individuality to stand out. After all, the way you furnish your home is an extension of your personality. It showcases your style and your status in life.


It’s fairly easy to decide on the look and feel of the furniture you want to buy. More difficult, though, is trying to decipher where to buy.


Mobelli has proudly opened a showroom in Ballito, KZN. Here you can find amazing furniture for the important areas of your home.


Outdoor Living – Outdoor Furniture and Patio Furniture

Outdoor entertainment at the Dolphin Coast is a way of life. The outdoor area is the “resort” in your home. Sun loungers, outdoor dining, sunshades, and outdoor couches that can withstand the harsh KZN conditions are all standard at Mobelli. It’s all about hassle-free living. You can even leave your cushions outside, come rain or sun. The outdoor furniture selection at Mobelli is one of the best you will find in South Africa. You will not find a better selection of outdoor furniture and patio furniture anywhere in South Africa. Mobelli has the most diverse selection of outdoor furniture styles, sizes, colours, and materials of any retailer.


Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is where the family gathers. It’s the place we check in with our children and spouse, where we catch up with our friends. Here we celebrate important occasions and form our deepest connections. Your dining furniture should be so comfortable that people will want to sit and chat for hours on end. At Mobelli, you will find the type of dining room furniture that will turn your dinners at home into high-end restaurant experiences.


Living Room

After dinner, you get to the lounge. Here you get to relax and connect with your family and friends. It’s where you can sit for hours talking, drinking, and playing. It’s where true connections are made and where memories are shared and formed. Mobelli spends so much time making sure that their lounge furniture will be so comfortable and beautiful that everyone is drawn to this one place. They have extremely comfortable lounge suites which will make your living room the best place to relax and feel great. Plus you can decorate your lounge with Mobelli’s outstanding decor, from wall art to planters, vases to rugs, they have the decor to make your living room look very unique.


Visit Mobelli

Mobelli is passionate about helping you create a space you’ll love living in. Their furniture is designed to look beautiful, feel amazing, and stay that way for years with only minimal maintenance.


Whether you’re in the market for an indoor lounge suite, outdoor couches, an outdoor sun lounger or a scatter cushion, they’ll help you find your match.


Visit the Mobelli Ballito store; if it’s beautiful but not comfortable, you won’t find it in their collections.


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