Availing Taxi Services Securely In The Time Of COVID-19
Availing Taxi Services Securely In The Time Of COVID-19
Availing Taxi Services Securely In The Time Of COVID-19

Although the pandemic has shut down our ordinary lives significantly and is causing us to stay put at home, we do need to commute to some extent.The taxi services continue to run, but people fear availing of the on-demand taxi services for hygienic reasons. To help counteract this, Uber clone has intact COVID-19 features that can nullify the aversive and fear response in the customers. Few important COVID-19 features that are integrated into an Uber clone app are 

Self-screening for PPE

The Uber clone app has The 'Real-Time ID Check,' where the driver needs to upload a selfie wearing the mask and gloves to get verified by the admin. After which the driver can start his work. The users are also requested to wear masks and adhere to the safety standards in the app. 

Safety temperature limit 

The driver is checked for a safe temperature limit before commencing the work. This is notified to the customer in the app before taking the ride. The customers are also quickly checked for their temperature using an automated thermometer before they could get on the cab.

Two passenger Limits.

As per the government order and regulations, not more than two people are allowed to travel in a taxi at a time. This ensures social distancing and also ensures the safety of the passengers. This also reduces the anxiety of the taxi driver and ensures her/his  health safety as well.

Safety indications in the app 

App provides safety indications that the users must follow. 

They need to take care to avoid touching the high touch surface places like the door handle, car seat cover. They are also requested to carry a hand sanitizer, and a hand sanitizer is present in the taxi cab nevertheless. 

Safety evaluations 

To adhere to the public safety protocol, this feature can be used. The users and the drivers can rate each other based on the safety rules that they adhere to. This helps the admin take necessary actions in case of discrepancy and help maintain the safety standards. 

The pandemic has been taking a toll on us for an optimum amount of time, and it is high time that we learn to live with it until we get an option to escape it. Ensuring all the safety standards in the app can not only sustain your business but also contribute a safe way of commuting to the people.