Are Cricket NFTs worth all the hype?
Are Cricket NFTs worth all the hype?
The hype in the market for NFT collectibles is huge. But the recent news is all about a particular sport, Cricket. It is a game adored by the worldwide masses.

But what about the huge lines they have to wait in just to have an autograph from their favorite sportsperson? Definitely not likable. What else can a fan do? You got it right. NFTs are what they can turn to.

Cricket, being a beloved sport, has also emerged as one of the trending eSport games. Not just any ordinary video game but an NFT-powered P2E game. Now the fans can buy the collectibles inside the game, rather than standing in lines to get one. 

How does Cricket NFTs work?

Just like any other digital asset, in-game rewards also carry real-life values. The player can choose to buy these NFTs inside the game and then decide whether they want to keep them or sell/trade them for profit. Cricket NFTs can range from cards and characters to signed bats and jerseys. But before anything, going through the game requirement is a must. 

Cricket NFT Marketplace

A marketplace is where NFTs are displayed. You can buy, sell, or trade NFTs in the marketplace easily. There are many marketplaces for Cricket. Those are, Rario, Colexion, FanCraze, and others. These marketplaces are connected to the online game. 

Cricket NFTs are secured perfectly as the NFTs are recorded in the Blockchain, which promises maximum transparency.


Cricket NFTs are growing to be popular in the market, and if you are considering investing in it, this will be the right time. The NFT games have changed the conditions surrounding the finance market. Thus, showing great potential in the future.