An Ultimate Guide to Redesigning Your App
An Ultimate Guide to Redesigning Your App
What is new to you now will become obsolete for the coming generation. So to keep users intact with your brand you should keep updating your existing app.

An Ultimate Guide to Redesigning Your App

The only constant thing is CHANGE. 

What is new to you now will become obsolete for the coming generation. So to keep users intact with your brand you should keep updating your existing app. If I take some examples, the first thing which everyone can notice is the Amul girl. Right? There is always some or the other innovation we can see. Whether at the time of IPL or at this time of 'work from home she is always updated with some cool one-liners. 

But what is relevant today may not be of much importance after 5 years down the line. So, you need to update the logo, mobile apps, and website for that you need to hire flutter app developers

Why Do You Need App Development?

The app helps you to reach your target audience and allows you to establish your online presence. Due to globalization, everything is going global, all the businesses that you have seen today are available on online platforms. To survive in the world of technology, websites and applications are a must where you can show the online presence of your business and can level up your business drastically. The functionality of a website in brief- 

  • An app is an online platform that helps to promote and advertise your products and services. 

  • It can be considered as an online brochure that helps to market your product and brand. 

  • It is a platform where one can reach by the use of smartphones and other devices. 

  • Blogging the web can help to influence your audience and helps to create awareness about products. 

  • You can showcase your thoughts and can publish them on websites and apps. 

  • On a website, one can interact with global clients, allowing them to explain their ideas. 

  • To sell your physical product, you can start an eCommerce website. 

The above points showcase the importance of job portal app development. Under app development, there are a variety of solutions that you can buy. Turnkey, White label, customized websites, are the most popular solutions that you can purchase as per your need. If you are looking for budget-friendly services then it is also available in the market easily. 

How Do Web and App Development Work?

Websites and applications both have their own way of working, whenever you search for something on a search engine, it shows so many results in the form of a website. By visiting any one website, you can get relevant information related to your keywords. The loading time of the website is very low, within 5 seconds the website is open and you do not need to wait. So how do all these things happen? You can understand this by the Example of Flipkart. For login, you have to use your email ID and passwords and after hitting the login button users send requests for login. After checking all the credentials, this system allows them to log in. The server checks all your credentials and checks the reliability of your ID passwords. All this data stored in the database and verification is done on the basis of the stored database. If you have entered the correct credentials then you will get a login. If you are looking for Fantasy cricket app development then this information will help. 

But on what basis should you update or redesign? You just can’t say out of the blues that you want to redesign your app. So, this way web and real estate app development works. There are some questions which you need to ask yourself before jumping into the redesigning process. Let us see what those questions are.

What are the Goals of Redesigning?

WHY? The first thing that should pop up in your mind. 

The companies having enough budgets redesign their app just for the sake of redesigning it. But you need to understand first what you want to achieve after the process of redesigning gets completed. Do you want to make it more user-friendly? Or do you want to optimize the conversion funnel?

Once you are done deciding your end goal you can move forward with the further process.

What do Users Think of the App Today?

There can be 2 reactions from the users' side 

Either they will love the redesigning or they will be puzzled

If the revolt happens, it is due to some ignorance in the research or data gathering.

But if users love what has come out after redesigning then that will be because of these factors.

Review Trends and Competitive Apps

You have to see if there are any recent trends in the design and these trends are showing that your app is no longer valuable? 

You have to understand which part of your mobile application is obsolete. If you are looking for dating app development then give some time to the mobile application development team to understand where your app stands in comparison. 

Use Interviews and Analytics to Gain Insight

If your app has an analytics service, then you have treasure in your hand. You can use this data to understand what customers are thinking of your app without any biases. You can filter out what features you have to include and what not to include. 

You can conduct interviews also via email or over the phone to get customer insights.

Reading Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give you an untainted perspective of how your app should be. Look for both positive as well as negative reviews. As negative reviews will be a chance for social networking app development

Which Existing Features are Priorities?

"Everything is important" is slightly a vague statement if considering the redesigning of the apps. There should be some unique features that make you stand out from your competitors. You can hire a mobile app developer who can help you with this work.

Like facebook which focuses on user-generated content and asks you “what’s on your mind”, Snapchat wants its users to click and post photos and videos first.

What is your app's priority?

Do You Have Established Brand Guidelines?

Before deciding on brand guidelines you should know what is "brand". Most people mistake that a brand is just a logo and color scheme. It’s much more than that. 

It is a feeling, tone, visual cues, and the story which users spread when they discuss with others.

Then what are brand guidelines? It is the manual that displays the color theme, tone, and all the key elements.


Don't go for the shortcuts. It looks easy but it has the potential to create creep and a poor experience for your website. Then you have to again redesign. You can also take help through the hire react native developers

You have these tips and make it in one go.