In a time when pollution and industrial waste are on a high rise, ON Semiconductor is taking significant measures to be energy efficient and safeguard the ecosystem.

In a time when pollution and industrial waste are on a high rise, ON Semiconductor is taking significant measures to be energy efficient and safeguard the ecosystem.

From global mean rise in the sea levels to melting of the ice caps, industrial waste is doing real harm to the environment and its well-being. Keeping the pandemic aside, the world is still in some serious danger pertaining to the effects of global warming along with its causes. It’s not just the virus that is a matter of concern, it is also the man-made damage to the ecosystem contributed by industries and their emissions.

Semiconductor manufacturing is one of the leading contributors to the harmful sides of industrialization. Huge amounts of acid used by semiconductor manufacturing plants for wafer cleaning and resist stripping. Apart from that, there’s a lot of e-waste that is generated by any semiconductor industry and the efficiency to dispose of them isn’t something that’s working in the favor of our environment.


With a surge in the damage done to the ecosystem by semiconductor companies and tech companies, there is a need for enterprises that keep a check on their wastages and make conscious efforts to reverse global warming. It means what we currently need are Energy Efficient Companies.

As companies sustain in the market, they lose sight of the impact they have on the atmosphere.And by setting a standard for being energy efficient, these companies can set an example for the society and take accountability for their waste materials. By doing so, they can also walk on the path of innovation and create newer methods of recycling e-waste and industrial waste.


One such company that is a pioneer in setting sustainability standards for the semiconductor industry is ON Semiconductor. ON Semiconductor that recently affirmed its commitment to Climate Change Action and Transparency is doing so by taking actions to address the amount of carbon emissions from its global manufacturing operations along with delivering products that will help its clients in achieving their climate goals, while also educating and informing its employees on sustainable living. 

ON Semiconductor also made the headlines for being named the Most Sustainable Company in the Semiconductor Industry by World Finance Magazine. 

Hassane El-Khoury, president and CEO of ON Semiconductor affirms the commitment and says, “As climate change continues to be one of the key issues facing all global businesses today, we believe that it is imperative to understand the potential risks our business faces as well as to recognize and address the potential impact of our business on the climate The better we identify these risks and our opportunities, the better we will be able to mitigate climate challenges in our global operations to better serve our customers.”

ON Semiconductor is known for driving energy efficient electronics innovations with the goal to contribute to making the world greener, inclusive, safer, and connected. ON Semiconductor is a leader in delivering solutions such as IoT Power Management, IoT Prototyping Platforms, Computing & Peripherals, Industrial Power & Motion, Sensors, etc, for a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial & Cloud Power, IoT, Medical, and Personal Electronics.

What can companies learn from ON SEMICONDUCTOR In this regard? 

There is a greater goal that needs to be achieved and has nothing to do with profits, but everything to do with mother nature and efforts industries for a better tomorrow. ON SEMICONDUCTOR can teach the industry players – 

  • How to be sustainable with their waste?
  • How to work towards climate change with agility?
  • How to reform operations to be in compliance with the energy efficient standards?

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