6 Tasks you need to Outsource to Virtual Assistant Services Today!
6 Tasks you need to Outsource to Virtual Assistant Services Today!
Virtual Assistants are a great creation that leverage AI to cater to some of the specific requirements of mankind. Know what tasks your VAs can take care of, for you.

Virtual Assistants are a great creation that leverage AI to cater to some of the specific requirements of mankind. Know what tasks your VAs can take care of, for you.

Virtual Assistant services are becoming the key ingredient to help start-ups and early stage companies to get off the ground. Whether you are entrepreneurs or superheroes, like every batman needs a robin, you need a Virtual Assistant. Being a micro-manager may be necessary but at times you need to let go off the steering wheel a bit in order get things done on time.

Every entrepreneur should create a list of freedom – considering at least these 3 things:

  1. Things you hate doing: Write down what you dislike doing in your business on regular basis. It can be anything from keeping a log or an administrative work.

  2. Things you can’t do yourself: These can be the daily elements of the company you don’t have any experience in, which can be consist of social media marketing or graphic designing or other work.

  3. Things you shouldn’t be doing: Ask yourself, why you shouldn’t be doing those particular tasks? That’s ok – you are not a superhero, you can’t do everything.
Why you should have a Virtual Assistant?

As we all know, humans today are on the internet for almost all the time, and as a result, businesses started utilising social media as part of their marketing strategy. The big shots like Walmart and Costco have started implementing online marketing strategies to reach to more customers. It is not where a business will make sales per se but it plays quite an important role in today’s marketing funnel. According to Sprout Social, consumers expect brands to have active social media pages.  90% of Social Media users reach out to retailers regarding social media query. E-commerce vendor Custora, crunched the data of about $100 B in sales among 500 million shoppers and found – only 1.5% retailers’ last click e-commerce transactions came via social media.

Virtual Assistants have substantially grown since the economic downturn a few years ago.

It would also help in – no employee related expenses, no separate office space and no worries concerning downtime – simply pay off as per their contract and the services they have performed. Plus they will be performing all the tasks round the clock. You can sleep well at night and wake up in the morning to see – everything set for the day on you social media.

What tasks you should pass over?

Below are some of the most common tasks that a VA can do for you. Let’s learn about how each role can contribute to a strategic marketing plan for your both online and offline business.

1. General Virtual Assistance:

Administrative costs are kind of a burden on small businesses when measure in both time and resources. A VA can be hired to perform such specific tasks – like administrative roles i.e. emails, payrolls, invoicing, sales reports and customer inquiries. By taking help of VA in such tasks, various jobs or entrepreneurs can boost their productivity and help small businesses or enterprises grow to new heights.

2. Content Writing:

Content writing and marketing is something that all businesses do for their business – whether it’s online or offline. It is one of strategies to promote new trends within their field. Search engines, tags and filters make this generated content easy to find when it’s shared online. An excellent content writer will understand how to write a specific audience, how to writer in a conservative yet engaging tone and how to get the point across without spending several paragraphs to get there.

VAs can help in article and blog post creation, guest posting and guest blogging, composing press releases and newsletters and submitting to news release directories. Producing content marketing material, publishing how-to guides, writing and submitting op-ed pieces to industry-related book reviews, etc. Keeping all these aside, they will help in finding viral stuff to share with your followers, personalize the branded content to incorporate into your brand.

3. Calendar Management:

You can manage your own calendar but by the time, you will get swamped under a pile of work sooner or later, where VA comes in the picture to help you – it will update and keep track of your schedule to maximise your outsourcing efforts. It will perform the tasks like managing email inboxes, conductive research, scheduling & coordinating events and updating your social media accounts.

4. Data Entry and Processing:

As long as your business uses computers – it need to perform clerical work, you would have to have enter, store and manage data in a spreadsheet or can use some other software. You will need to update this data on a regular basis. The tasks seems easy but it’s tedious and time consuming. To input and process a large amount of data efficiently – it take skill and experience, thus it’s better to outsource to an expert.

5. Writing Social Media Posts:

As we all know, social media posts are short but they are well-crafted to catch the attention of the audience. To achieve best you need create content and not all the time you can do it alone, with the help of social media assistant – you can do wonders. It will give you one of the best results once it grasp your brand’s personality and goals. You can use this to get your message across to your target customers in a powerful way.

6. Searching and Reaching out to Potential Followers:

Not every time you can manually check followers and reach out to audience to gain followers. A Virtual Assistant can play the role of researching which networks are frequently visited by your target customers. With the use of keywords and hash tags, they can search for potential followers based on location, preferences, age group, gender and many other indicators.

For instance, social media assistant would plan out and set up email sequences to follow up with them and, identify the pain points of your target customers, build trust by showing them you want to solve their problem.