5 Most Common Web Errors While Surfing Internet
5 Most Common Web Errors While Surfing Internet
When you browse the Internet on your web browser, You expect everything would be seamless, fast and fine. But as you know whenever there is a thing, there will be a flaw. This Internet has also flaws in their system and we call them ERRORS.

It is quite Frustrating for a user to face errors while browsing because you are unable to proceed further and your work will get stuck at that moment, unless or until you fix that error. 

Here, you will get to know the five most common web errors you experience daily while browsing on your computer.

There are many error codes or Error messages are available on the internet today, but it is very tough or it may take too much time to cover all of them for a regular user, here you will see most 5 common web errors you experience while surfing the internet,  they are:

  1. Dns probe finished nxdomain chrome

  2. Error 403

  3. Error 404, 404 not found

  4. Http error 500

  5. Http error 502


First, you will get to know about the most common web error " Dns probe finished nxdomain chrome". 

Many of you have no idea why this error happens, here is the simple explanation, It appears when a failure occurs in the DNS or internet configuration. 

common web error Dns_probe_finisshed_nxdomain

Many Internet users are unaware of this common web error and hardly any notice them. They simply refresh the webpage or reconnect the internet to fix this issue.

No doubt, it may resolve or fix this issue, but what if the problem persists. For a complete and more possible solution to solve this error, you can click here.

2. Http 403, 403 Forbidden 

The second most common web error you experience while browsing is Http 403, 403 Forbidden error, which is HTTP status code in the response of a site page client.

To show that the server restricts the mentioned activity, subsequently, besides the error 403, an Access denied or prohibited message is shown.

Common web error 403

The most common method to fix this by resetting file names and disabling plugins in WordPress, For solutions in detail you can click here.

3. Http 404/Error 404 Not found

The third most common error you might have experienced on the internet is Http 404 Error or commonly known as Error 404 not found.

It is an HTTP status code sent from the webserver to the browser, that is, to the client that made the HTTP request. 

common web error 404 not found

This error appears due to the address that the user entered in the browser bar does not match the URL, the domain name doesn't exist or DNS unable to convert the domain name into IP address, etc. 

There are a number of ways or methods like refreshing the webpage again, Clearing cookies and cache memory, etc but to know into a detailed solution click here to fix this issue.

4. Error 500/500 internal server

The fourth most common web error is  Http Error 500 or commonly recognized as 500 internal server. It is another common HTTP status code that shows that something has happened or came out badly on the site server, yet the server can't be able to detect or analyze what the accurate issue is.

common web error 500 or 500 internal server error

This issue arises due to the fact that the server is saturated by excessive consumption or the server doesn't know how to answer the browser, etc. For more details on why this common web error arises and their detailed solution, you can click here.

5. 503 Service Unavailable error

The fifth and last most common web error code is Error 503 which is also known as Service Unavailable error. It is also an Http status code which implies that at present web server is not available. You can get to know more about several free SMTP Service.

                                      Common web error showing 503 error

It happens at whatever point a server can't convey the mentioned content at the time mentioned by the client. To get more details about why this error occurs and their solution you can simply click here, and get your all queries done.