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A Complete Solution for Multi-level Marketing Software

LBM Solutions – MLM software company based in Delhi. We are here in the market to deliver innovative experience through our work to our clients. We are in to software development for 6 years. We work according to today’s demand. And MLM software is what every company today is looking for. That is why we built the software with all the required features and updated technology.

We all are familiar with the word – Multi Level Marketing. It is the technique of earning through building never ending network chains. Known as the easiest and the best mode for globalizing your business. But still, there are many entrepreneurs, who are not properly aware of this method.

We hope you find it quite interesting. But performing this method manually actually is a very difficult task. As your network increases, you can’t perform each calculation with accuracy in a manual way. You will face many errors in your work which can weak your MLM business plan. Here you need a technology which is specially built for fulfilling your MLM business purpose.

It is the process of building a networking chain for earning a continuous profit. Let’s assume I start my association with a company who sell gadgets. They hired me as a freelancer to sell their company’s products in the market. Now I will have the two sources of earning, i can either simply promote the products by my own and will get some commission as per sale. And I can also recruit a candidate who will work under me to promote the products of the company. So here I will have two different sources of earning. One is the commission earned by me after selling the company’s product and the second source will be earning some portion of sales commission earned by my associate. It is not the end, my associate can also hire some other associate under him, he can also earn through his associate. So, in that way, it is the never ending process.

To bring ease in the working style of MLM businesses, LBM Solutions is introducing the MLM software which manages all the tasks related to MLM and saves your valuable time.We are considered as the best MLM software company in Delhi with the motive of catering the basic need of every MLM business.

There are some specific rules which must be followed in each plan. Only these rules differ all the MLM plans from each other.

Binary Plan – The Binary plan allows you to hire only two associates who will work for you. One is your outside leg and the other is an inside leg, which is also known as profit leg. Even your 2 distributors can also hire 2-2 candidates under them. In that way, this process goes on. Remember, your earning ratio only depends on the growth of your network chain. As your chain growth increases, you will earn higher and the need for MLM software also goes higher by this.

Unilevel Plan – This is the easiest plan of MLM. Anyone can understand and perform it. Opposite to binary, you don’t need to hire 2 candidates under you as your two legs. You can simply hire the distributors as much as you can and they will be added in your next one line, which is known as the front line. Same like all the MLM plans, you will earn more as your network chain increases. The only difference is that this plan provides incentives to all the participants after the completion of the target. It’s equally easy and interesting to join.

Australian Plan – it’s just like a binary plan, the only difference is that you can also put the additional 3rd leg.

Matrix – This is also known as a forced matrix plan. There is a specific limit in the number of participants which is set by the organizations. Consists of a fixed width and height similar to a pyramid. Generally, it works on 3*7, 4*7, 5*7, 3*9, and 2*12. After reaching the maximum limit at the first level, then next members spill over to the next level. As the member increases, the chances of earning profit also get an increase.

Generation – If dreaming to make good money in less time, then this plan is best suited for you. Generation plan is the most common in product selling companies. These product selling companies require advertising for promotion of their brand, for that purpose, they need to spend a good amount of money. In the generation plan, the participants become the advertising media of these companies and themselves work as marketing agents. They work on the profit sharing basis. In that way, this plan saves money of these companies.

We designed the software in a way which is compatible with all MLM plans. You can simply choose your required plan and customize it in your own way. Our designing pattern is easy to understand. we built the software which everyone can use in the organization, there is no specific technical knowledge required for the same. Our main focus is to give the best user experience and ease in which a user can use the software.

Let’s have a brief about its features –

Our work strategy is quite different from others. We do not work just as a service provider, we work as a true business partner of our clients. That is the reason we are having long term relations with our potential clients all over India. Apart from that, we are having a team of expert and experienced developers who are the major reason for our success in the industry.

So, if looking for quality products and services then your wait ends here.

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