How to Choose the Right Wireless Microphone System
How to Choose the Right Wireless Microphone System
The SM57 is probably the standard for “good” wireless microphones. The SE535 is good at recording, but not so good at producing clean audio on stage. The MD421 is great at producing really clean audio with a high dynamic range, but not so good at anything else (and cheap). They are all excellent options to have in your toolbox, but they are also all different and each can be used differently depending on what you want from it.
The Shure wireless microphone is a great product with many uses. I would like to share a few of them with you. You may have heard of the “Shure microphone” before, but do you know how it works?
A Wireless Microphone is simply a loudspeaker that you put in your ear with a mic attached, and you can then capture voice and sound directly into your computer, smartphone or tablet for playback at any suitable time.
The Shure wireless microphone has become quite famous over the years for its high quality sound and excellent durability. It has been used by celebrities such as James Taylor and Sonny Bono, as well as by thousands of professional musicians around the globe, who have relied on it to get their music out to listeners in all different kinds of situations, including during performances and interviews.
We offer one solution that is perfect for any situation: the Shure wireless mic system with the wired USB interface. Just plug the wired interface into an available USB port on your computer or smartphone; connect the other end of your Shure wireless mic to your phone or computer; and capture what you hear! Then just play back whatever sounds are captured directly from your source device, whether it's an audio file stored on your computer or an mp3 audio file downloaded from amazon mp3s. It doesn't matter if you're recording in studio or outdoors — whether it's being played through headphones or speakers on stage!
In short: The Shure wireless microphone system is a great choice for anyone who wants to use recordings made using the Shure wireless microphones to play back those recordings later!
I hope this helps everyone out there figure out what they need — if you need more detail about this amazing product, I'd recommend reading through our detailed reviews (http://www.shurewirelessmicrophon...e/products/makc). If nothing else, this should give people an idea where they can start looking for solutions that will work best for them in their own situations.