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Who owns all of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, improvements, and art? I might publish to you that it isn't always his family anymore, nor does anyone feel that he owns it for my part.

The actual drawings and notebooks have been sold to a social trading tools rich person, however, all of these drawings are to be had in virtual shape. The art is owned with the aid of collectors, but, we've got all seen photographs and renderings of his greatest works from our modern-day period's point of view.


We all now consider that each one of his life's paintings belongs to the world, but I would like to ask you a philosophical query; whilst precisely did it become the arena's personal and precisely how long after his demise and accordingly now not belonging to his own family, offspring's ancestors? That is a fair and legitimate query, and nowadays we have a tendency to consider that 50 years is a fair variety, but who is to say what that might be in the future?


If your personal lifestyles work and your statistics are stored inside the cloud, at an IT records center, and you pay a given charge for this provider, but then you definitely fail to pay or you reneged on your price program, then who owns those statistics and records? What if you are sued, and you file financial ruin, and the courtroom comes to a decision that the information you've got stored inside the cloud has a monetary fee in the quantity? And what in the event that they then provide those records to the winner of the lawsuit? In case you can't pay your invoice, is the records center to erase all of your records, are they required to keep the data until which time you may pay?


If you hire a storage area and also you fail to pay, they do not wait till you could pay, after so many months they allow human beings to come back and it is auctioned off,