Luminera Hydryalix Lips Lidocaine
Luminera Hydryalix Lips Lidocaine
Luminera Hydryalix Lips is a gentle deep, ultra-deep injectable medicine made from sterile, pyrogenic gel for soft tissue augmentation. It is made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid and non-animal origins. The gel is a biodegradable solution, latex-free and viscoelastic. However, it provides a long-lasting, fuller, filled, and volumizing lips for beautification. It is manufactured by hybrid mobile technology to make your lips more prominent and more aesthetic.

Lidocaine from Hydralix Lips is recommended for remodeling and shaping lips. The 27G needle size is advised.

Hydryalix, part of luminera hydryalix lips review cross-linked HA product line, is produced using cutting-edge technology that benefits from both monophasic cross-linking and biphasic gel characteristics.

A homogenously cross-linked monophasic gel produces a homogeneous, smooth gel and needs less BDDE for the cross-linking process, which reduces side effects including swelling and the Tyndall effect. Cross-linking in monophasic gel is complete.

A biphasic gel consists of two phases: a phase with strongly crosslinked HA particles and a phase without the crosslinks, in which the particles are suspended. For the injection to be possible, this non-cross-linked phase is required.

The gel used in our Hybrid MoBiTM technology is smooth, totally homogeneous, monophasic, and easy to inject. The gel is then divided into various particle sizes, creating a series of distinct products with various indications. The capacity to form the injected material into the required shape in the tissue and the product's hardness are both provided by the gel's particle composition. a characteristic not present in the market's usual monophasic offerings.


Products that are sold on our website are parapharmaceuticals. These goods can be purchased without a prescription over-the-counter. A professional must utilize these goods.


IT IS A MEDICAL DEVICE, THIS PRODUCT. This item cannot be exchanged or returned.

A doctor with expertise in dermocosmetic dermatology or plastic surgery must perform a specialized medical operation in order to carefully inject this substance.

Each milliliter contains 20 milligrams of hyaluronic acid.

The gel is straightforward to inject since it is uniform, smooth, and monophasic.

The final product has a residual BDDE content of less than 2 ppm.

The distinguishing characteristic is the 1.25 ml syringe.

MoBiTM technology combined

In this approach, the advantages of monophasic crosslinking and the traits of two-phase gel are merged. By combining two phases: suspended particles of uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid and strongly crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The non-crosslinked phase is necessary for injection.