Livesher women have an edge in liver cancer
Livesher women have an edge in liver cancer
All about liver cancer awareness and treatment.

medications are available


Organ as big as the liver in a human body performs bigger functions such as digestion of food, storing energy and removal of poison. A human body can only give up on:


digestion of food

supply of nutrients to different parts

plus storing energy

in addition to removal of toxins


in case the liver stops working or gets affected by cancer. All these bring into focus the liver which needs to be kept in good working conditions always.


Drinking: habitual drinkers, compulsive drinking in a number of cases are associated with the cancer of the liver. Thus, it is advised to stay away from drinking as far as possible and if at all into drinking, doing it in moderation for the wellbeing of the liver as precautions towards cancer of the liver.


Once affected by the cancer of the liver, liver transplantation is the only option left that becomes necessary in a number of cases. Transplantation of the liver may be avoided to a particular limit through medications available in the medical field.


Why is jaundice a serious disease?


For someone suffering from jaundice the risk of Stage IV liver cancer increases. It is for the same reason it is asked not to take jaundice lightly but cure it immediately.


Stage IV liver cancer has the threat of cancer cells having affected the liver spreading in other body parts such as lungs and in the bones. It is in Stage IV of liver cancer that transplantation of the organ may become necessary.


Liver cancer otherwise is cancer cells growing in and around the liver area that can be brought into control through proper medication.


Women power dominates liver cancer


Like other cancers, the survival rate of women is better compared to men when suffering from cancer of the liver.


Fighting spirit against cancer requires effective and efficient medication. Fighting spirit against liver cancer can fail in the lack or absence of proper medicines, medical advice and the like. 


Medication, medicines for liver cancer include:


Lenvatinib 4mg capsule is available for liver cancer. Lenvatinib may be used to stop the growth of cells in the liver affected by cancer grow in other parts of the body. Cancer cells which grow in the supply of nutrition to them. Lenvatinib 4 mg may stop the supply of nutrition to liver cancer cells and help towards not letting them grow further in numbers. Doctor advice is required for Lenvatinib  and how to use it a doctor can tell you about this. Lenvatinib has side effect in the body, so personal consumption of Lenvatinib is warned.


Sorafenib 200 is a tablet for liver cancer. Sorafenib is used to stop the supply of protein to cancer cells in the liver. Sorafenib is to stop the growth of cancer cells in the liver. On the lines of most of the cancer medicines, Sorafenib is used to avoid the growth of cancer cells coming with the threat of shifting to other parts of the body. Doctor advice is required in the use of Sorafenib. Sorafenib tablet is not for the purpose of self-consumption as may have side effect in the body. It is only a doctor who can advise you Sorafenib and let you know about its use in accordance with your body.