What is the difference between manual and automation testing?
What is the difference between manual and automation testing?
Automation testing is a popular and fast-growing direction in testing. It has many miss issues and myths and misinterpretations.
Below you can find interesting and frequently asked questions about automation testing.

Manual testing is performed by a testing engineer. The tester manually prepares data sets, conducts software testing, identifies bugs, and writes reports without using any tools and scripts. Manual testing may not be accurate due to human factors and take more time and resources, but some tests as usability testing you can't conduct automatically. 

Automation testing services write scripts and code for automated verify test cases. Testing engineers write code and based on this code run automation testing. This type of testing enables you to simulate complex scenarios and increase the productivity of your team. On the other hand, you can't automate all scenarios, like exploratory testing, and the cost of automatization is too high compared with manual testing. But despite all the difficulties, in some cases, automation testing services are the best option. 

Thus, manual and automation testing should be performed in conjunction.