The Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Web Developer | Rays Digital
The Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Web Developer | Rays Digital
Your business website is a chance for you to showcase your edge from competitors. A good website can attract potential customers. Rays Digital, top website designer in Melbourne, shares the right questions to ask your web developer before hiring them.

The Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Web Developer | Rays Digital

Sometimes, your website will be the first contact potential customers will have with your business. This is why it is important to have a website that can make a good impression on your site visitors. So how do you ensure that you have an outstanding website that is able to show what makes you stand out from other competitors and reach your target audience? The answer is to hire a web developer that understands your business and its vision. But with so many professionals offering their web development services how do you know who is the right one?

To help you choose, the following are top questions you should ask your next potential web developer.

1. How long have you been doing web design and development?

Your web developer’s year of experience is one of the most important things you should consider. How long have they been working as a web developer? How many websites have they built? Choose a developer that has been doing website development for quite some time over someone that has just begun. Your website shouldn’t be a practice run; it should be a masterpiece.

2. What platform will be used?

There are numerous mainstream web platforms. A web platform is the foundation on which your website will be built. Each web platform has their one pros and cons so ask your web developer which one they will be using and the reason why they use that specific platform.

3. What research do you do before starting the website design?

An established web developer will research what makes your business unique and who   your target market is. They should make an effort to identify your goals too since these are essential in building a successful website.

4. How will you ensure the site is SEO friendly?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the steps taken to make your website visible in search engine results when key terms are searched online. What use is a website if it isn’t searchable through keywords?

5. What types of businesses do you specialize in?

Web developers usually have an area of expertise like big e-commerce stores or niche boutiques. Make sure that the developer you hire is experienced in your type of business.

6. How much will I have to be involved in the process?

Take time to reflect whether you want to be involved in every step of the way or would rather leave it all up to your web developer. If you think you won’t be having enough time to be discussing everything with the web developer, make sure at least that you take time to regularly check up on them if your needs are being met.