How to identify a good painting?
How to identify a good painting?
Understanding the difference that makes an art good, bad or moderate art can be strenuous, you can’t trust a third party to tell you what makes or breaks art learning to recognise the difference is important.

Paintings considered masterpieces now rarely got the recognition they deserved during their era, change in culture, taste and perspective bought out the magnificence that we see in them today. What this implies is that not to get discouraged by your taste as it develops and changes through time and is individualized uniquely for each one of us Lord Shiva wall painting

Originality is always appreciated in art along with skill, uniqueness, meaning, beauty placement of object and composition structure are some of the few main elements that holds our eyes and plays with our emotions. 

Some aspects of art is more general in it’s appeal and pleases a large mass of people, people who are close to you or some from the same social background might find similarities in the art they like. 

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A good artist who knows to how to create a successful painting through years of practice and mastery by training their skills with experimentation. This uniqueness in their artistic voice creates the originality that attracts our eyes. 

A good wall painting makes the most amazing focal point for our rooms it can take any shape and size it can be bold and vibrant But it can also be guileful and monochrome. A dash of colour or a emotional subject anything can become a great focal point for any art, as long as it has the ability to engage the attention of the viewer and hold it.