How might the treatment of COPD and other conditions be aided?
How might the treatment of COPD and other conditions be aided?
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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Patients with COPD frequently struggle with issues like breathlessness and can have a lot of mucus in their bronchial tubes. Most frequently, the lungs hyper-inflate and lose their flexibility. Along with the progression of the illness, emphysema might also appear. Lungs with chronic inflammation are typically quite naïve.


Since COPD can alter muscle conditions, various breathing training device and exercises are suited for all COPD patients, regardless of the illness stage.




Exercises that increase rib cage flexibility and breathing exercises can help with COPD symptoms. Since the respiratory pump functions better thanks to the exercises, the system normally benefits. The respiratory center, peripheral nerves, ribcage, and breathing-related muscles make up the respiratory pump. The exercises increased flexibility enables patients to control their symptoms more effectively.


Arnold Jacobs breathing therapy can be beneficial, but this is a straightforward exercise since it is simple to incorporate into daily life and can also be done by patients who are less flexible than they once were.


The standing crescent moon is one of the most remarkable breathing exercises for COPD. It is clear that this workout stretches your sides and moves your ribcage. Your muscles are relaxed as a result. Breathing becomes much simpler when the ribcage is extended to help with breathing movements.


Exercise demonstration


  • Place your side body against a wall almost arm's length away. The shoulder closest to the wall should be your right.


  • Then, with your right arm leaning against the wall, tilt your upper body in that direction. Normally, place your left hip away from the wall.


  • After your right leg, place your left leg.


  • Bring your left arm over your head in the same direction as the wall if you want to make the workouts more strenuous.


  • Put yourself in this position and breathe deeply through your nose.


  • You'll notice a slight strain on your side. Your muscles will unwind as soon as this stops.



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