How Exactly are Air Ducts Cleaned?
How Exactly are Air Ducts Cleaned?
Air duct cleaning removes all sorts of dirt and debris from your ductwork and provides fresh air and cleanliness to your home.

Did you realize that the air quality inside a building could be far worse than the air outside? The EPA estimates that it may pose a 2 to 5 times greater harm than the outdoor air quality.

Your health depends on having clean air ducts, regardless of how old or modern your home is. Sheetrock insulation and other artifacts that can accumulate and obstruct the airflow in your air ducts can be found in newly built homes.

The Process of Cleaning the Duct Work:

1. Pre-Inspection

Pre-inspection, which comes before cleaning the ducts, is crucial for achieving the best outcomes.


The professionals will examine the ducts, evaluate the circumstance, and make appropriate plans.

2. Vacuums and Negative Pressure

The actual cleaning process begins after the inspection. The technicians use a strong vacuum system to create negative pressure, which sweeps the filth away. They connect the vacuum hose to the ducts, seal all supply holes, and clean each duct individually. This procedure is also known as fundamental cleansing.

3. Process Agitation

After employing the negative pressure approach, any accumulated and persistent dust is removed using items like a revolving brush. The dust will be propelled into the air by the brush, where it will be sucked up by high pressure.

4. Completing the procedure


After finishing this procedure, the team inspects the HVAC system and, if any dust is still there, cleans it up.

It usually takes two to four hours to clean a duct. Please visit our website to get the best air duct cleaning service in Austin.