Google Ads Strategies
Google Ads Strategies
Accelerate Online Sales Or Conversions With Paid Results

Google Ads Types and Benefits

Search advertising is one of the Google Ads strategies which upgrade traffic to the website and convert sales or leads. The advertiser needs to pay for ads that should appear on top of the result page in google search. Ad costs would spend when users interact with the Search Ads.

  •  Professional ads campaign setup.
  •  Analyze the Keyword research, Ad copies, & CTR.
  •  Improve the quality rank for the ads.
  •  Increase the conversions within an hour.
  •  Schedule the time for website appearance.

Display Ads are also known as banner advertising, which especially advertises our brands on relevant websites or blogs, apps, or social media. Displays Ads appear in the form of images, banners, and text. Many Customers interact with the ads through creatives and innovative content.


  •  Build brand awareness rapidly.
  •  Recall the previous audience by re-targeting.
  •  Reach the frequently search intent audience.
  •  Exclude some kinds of irrelevant sites and content.
  •  Enhance CTR to inspire the users to take action.

YouTube is the top engaging advertising tool to promote the brand or business through videos. 90% of visitors are showing interest to watch the videos instead of reading the content. YouTube Video Ads help to broaden the audiences and build products or services.


  •  Promote offers or events to the right customers.
  •  Try different video ads formats for people to watch.
  •  Target the audiences by demographics & placement.
  •  Again connect those who watch the videos previously.
  •  Analyze the number of views and interactions per video.

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