Gojek Clone - Stunning Features to Speedup Multiservices
Gojek Clone - Stunning Features to Speedup Multiservices
Gojek Clone is a multi-services platform for Taxi, Delivery, And Marketplace Businesses That Drives Growth And Attract Global Customers.

Gojek Clone- Stunning Features to Speedup Multiservices



Super apps like Gojek clone provide multiple services to the users in a single swipe. They play a vital role in on-demand multi services with many advanced metrics. In this blog, you know that the impact of Gojek clone to earn million, stunning features to speed up the workflow in detail. 


In this blog, we are going to discuss the stunning features of Gojek clones to speed up multi-services. The app allows the users to order food, groceries, and book services for household services via online platforms. The customers will get doorstep delivery products and can get services with a few taps on the mobile.


How does Gojek Clone App Assist to Earn Millions?


We can see plenty of on-demand service and product delivery apps similar to Uber in the marketplace. To be successful we have to implement a successful business model which will not result in the failure of the application. Some of the features that help to stand up the application in the marketplace follow some features and they are discussed below.


Manage User Profile:


The user can create and update their profile and manage their personal information in the application. Without the permission of the user, no information can be stored in the application by others.


Live Tracking:


To track the delivery partner the application used by the customer is enabled with an option that helps to know the status of the service or product booked by the customer. To receive products and services on the assigned time the customer has to assign the time for delivery. If the customer is not available on the day of delivery they can change the date of receiving services or products.


Manage Orders:


The manage orders is a major option that helps the admin in managing their booked service orders, user details, driver details, transactions carried out daily. The admin can assign the orders or service providers by seeing the nearby service providers.


Service Feedback:


To know the thoughts and quality of service provided by us the feedback is a mandatory one which helps to know the pulse of the customers like what they are thinking about our service, here, you can get the user suggestion and improve the service if it is a valid point. The review will help in the betterment of the business.


In-App Support:


The customers can support the service providers by contacting them through instant chat, call, and other options. The customers can get their services or products quickly by guiding the service providers to reach their location. This support helps the users and service providers to provide a hassle-free service.


Amenable Payment Method:


The Gojek clone offers multiple payment mode options to the customers, which will help them to complete their payment through credit card, debit card, wallet, PayPal, COD. This makes the customers more convenient.


Stunning Features Of Gojek Clone that Assists to Earn Millions:


Schedule Bookings:


Gojek allows the user to book their trip instantly also in advance using the scheduling option. This will help the user to reach their destination without any delay. The nearby drivers will pick up the user immediately once they finish the booking process.




Ride-sharing is one of the popular business models and most people loved it as it not only gave rides to the users but also helped to socialize with different kinds of people. This ride-sharing option literally reduces the fare of the ride as the total bill will be split equally based on the number of people.


Alleviate Admin Panel:


The Gojek clone app provides the admin with top-notch features and functionalities in the admin panel. Through the Admin panel, the admin can manage and manage the overall services. This helps to track the services and the revenue yielded through the application.


Calculate Estimated Travel Time:


This option helps to calculate the travel time to reach the desired destination of the user from the point of picking. The time gets adjusted in different timings based on the traffic on the roads and it will be updated in the application.

Notification Alerts:


The notification alerts help the user get notifications through SMS and Email to customers and drivers constantly, the notifications messages include invoice summary, tax, order details, and a few things. This makes the user know about the current status quickly.


History Details:


This option allows the user and driver to view their service history which includes the date and time of the trip, travel fare, location, trip id, person id, and more information. This helps the users to view the payments made for a particular trip.


Wrapping Up,


This blog clearly explains the stunning features of the on-demand multi services with the Gojek clone app. These reasons will build credibility for the entrepreneurs for developing an application like Gojek. Trioangle provides entrepreneurs with all-time support during and after the app launches. To know more about us




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