Frugal Entrepreneurship Tips
Frugal Entrepreneurship Tips
If you've been practicing frugal entrepreneurship, then the following pointers you need to consider.

1. Use LinkedIn to find potential clients, partners, collaborators and also hiring. Don’t undermine the power of free version and trial campaigns available on LinkedIn. Twitter is another social media which is powerful for building engagement

2. Use business operating system like Zoho One after getting associated yourself with known incubators / recognized startup programs like Startup India

3. Work with a set of interns who are highly motivated and give them stipend based on the commitment

4. Make use of freelancers for professional expertise only when needed

5. Take startups friendly corporate card to get working capital only if required. There are a whole of cards like Karbon Card Kodo Card

6. See if you can share office space (along with hr and admin services) with your partner or client at minimal cost. You can also try services like Friyey who provide a desk cheaply

7. Try to exchange services with people who provide complementary services like if you need marketing support as a technical company, barter it

8. There is a trial and credits available with almost all the cloud service providers like GCP, AWS. You need to be smart enough to make good use of it. You can also opt for cheaper cloud services like Digital Ocean based on the need

9. I found Slack basic free version really useful for collaborating with people on several projects. You can also build strong user communities on Slack / Discord

10. Don't spend too much energy and time in developing a custom website. Ride on WordPress and page builder like Elementor instead

11. Opt for company formation and management yearly basic package deal with companies who can provide your complete bouquet at a discount prices.

12. Get yourselves MSME recognition to avail tax and other benefits

13. Sales function can be outcome linked based on the performance with no upfront commitment

14. Lastly, there are a bunch of free and powerful tools available for designing, project management, testing, SEO, graphics etc

Let me know what you have been trying, and what is working for you?