Custom Pen Boxes with Logo Designs at Wholesale
Custom Pen Boxes with Logo Designs at Wholesale
Obtain our long-lasting and eco-friendly custom printed pen boxes of the finest quality material at economical prices. Get custom-made designs, colors, and layouts with no plates and die-cut charges. Get in touch with us and free yourself from the inconvenience of waiting for order delivery and high shipping prices. Get a free instant quote!

Custom Pen Box Packaging: 

Custom pen boxes give an elegant presentation to your fascinating pens. A pen packaging boxes printed with the logo and company details give the onlookers a wholesome experience. We customize every type of pen boxes following the requirements of the products. Contact us now and let our designers transform your dreamy pen boxes into usable forms.

What are the Important Aspects of Custom Pen Box Packaging?

Do you think that a ready-made box can outshine your brand? If the answer is No! Then you must know what the value of a personalized box is. The same is the case with pen boxes wholesale. Following are some of their essential characteristics:

  1. First, these are cost-effective and designed with high-end materials that are long-lasting.

  2. Secondly, a custom pen box printed with a logo give identity to your brand's name in the market and sets apart the brand's products. 

  3. Thirdly, pens remain intact in the package, and their chances of breakage are also significantly less.

  4. Fourthly, they are safe for the atmosphere as they are composed of 100% biodegradable material.

  5. Fifthly, eye-catchy graphics and artwork printed on the packaging boxes captivate the onlookers instantly, and leaving the product without buying is inevitable.

  6. Finally, die-cut boxes make items visually appealing. The display of high-quality items builds up clients' trust in your business. Your brand becomes their preference for all their stationery needs.

What Types of Custom Pen Boxes Do We Manufacture?

The first stage in customization is selecting a suitable box style. An inappropriate cardboard pen box looks unappealing and exposes the products to damage. You must know that pens come in various sizes and forms. Each pen has its attributes. We stylize the box that highlights the product specification in front of the audience and gives an attractive look. Our manufacturers have years of experience in packaging, and they can construct a package with custom designs and colors as your demand.

We produce pen box wholesale in the following styles:

  1. tray and sleeve packaging

  2. two-piece box

  3. pen boxes with flip

  4. pen boxes with die-cut style

Besides this, we grant free hand to clients to share their raw and innovational patterns related box designs with us. Our team is accessible to assist you. If you wish for premium pen packaging as a gift, they will be able to beautify it accordingly. 

Entice the Clients with Colorful and Theme Design Printing: 

Multi-color intriguing prints have a significant part in gathering a large number of audiences. People become excited to see the striking images. We engrave their loveable fictional characters and superheroes on the box to engage the kids toward their favorite stationary items. You can choose between digital and offset. Both of these result in extraordinary and reliable outputs. After printing of custom pen boxes, we apply matt and gloss laminations to make pen packaging durable and manifesting. Foil stamping and debossing are done to make colors more vibrant and dazzling. 

Get Desirable Pen Box Packaging with the Assistance of Our Experts: 

Require help to design an exclusive box, and we provide free design support from our skilled experts. Our team stays connected 24 hours daily to guide you all over the manufacturing period. Tell them about your needs and receive a desirable package with the shortest turnaround time. Moreover, with a free design consultation, we provide 3D physical samples for clients' satisfaction. After their final say, we commence the production procedure. 

Avail of Exclusive Discount Offers on Pen Boxes Wholesale:

Short in budget and looking for cost-effective services? Our services are the ultimate solution for you. First of all, you become free from the trouble of placing an order repeatedly. Secondly, the shipping of a large quantity order helps in the reduction of petroleum utilization and reduces shipping costs. So, the order in bulk saves a significant amount of money and protects your environment.

Free Shipping of Orders in the USA and Canada:

The shipment of orders is one of the most burdensome tasks. Brands become anxious about high shipping prices. But you will become free from all these worries after collaborating with us. Our company's priority is to give the clients ease and comfort. You can receive the transit facility without any price all over the USA and Canada. our company does not have any extra or hidden fee. 

Why Choose Custom Boxes Zone?

Custom Boxes Zone is the number one company that has achieved great success in significantly less time. We have gained respect and fame in this field with the supply of our remarkable services. We deliver what we promise. Please give us an opportunity; after that, you will disremember the rest.