Crypto Exchange App Development Like Coinbase: How Much Does It Cost?
Crypto Exchange App Development Like Coinbase: How Much Does It Cost?
The rise of cryptocurrencies has created the need for platforms to trade them. As a consequence, the need for crypto exchange app development services is on the rise.

Digital or virtual currencies use decentralized cryptography to save, confirm, and record online transactions. The ability to make cryptocurrency payments and store transactions in a public ledger is made possible by the blockchain. Crypto exchange app development makes it easy for investors to provide a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. 


Users may keep track of their portfolios around the clock and maintain successful graphs using the popular Android and iOS apps similar to Coinbase. Almost every crypto enthusiast must have heard about it. This post details how the development process affects the cost of cryptocurrency exchange apps like Coinbase. Let's begin!

Factors Affecting the Cost of Crypto Exchange App Development 

The cost of crypto app development can be divided into the following stages:


  • Design - This includes low-fidelity designs like app flow, high-fidelity designs with a prototype, and user interface, including wireframes and more.

  • Coding- Building codes and testing them are included in the development stage.

  • Deployment- This includes delivery, DevOps, and application deployment on cloud platforms.

  • Maintenance- Keeping the latest trends up to date and ensuring that the app functions properly with each new version.

  • Third-Party Tools- Collaboration, Hosting, Notification System, and Storage are analyzed in this stage. 


The majority of businesses predict that the cost of crypto exchange app development with basic features and functionality ranges between $50,000 and $90,000. If you want to include more features, the usual price range of applications will exceed $150,000.

Do You Need To Build An App Like Coinbase?

Cryptocurrency exchange apps like Coinbase are receiving more attention now than they ever have. The market is still developing and offers lots of opportunities for cutting-edge ideas. The cost of crypto exchange app development depends on the features you include in your application. The location and size of the native mobile app development team will also have a significant impact on the entire development cost. The technological stack that your business chose to build an app on also affects the price of development. Carefully decide the app's features, technology stack, application development platform, team size, location, and hourly rate of the developers.

Final Conclusion

After learning about the cost, you are now 80% prepared to establish your exchange platform. Since crypto exchange app development is not a simple operation, you must contact the experts who can help you build an app with world-class features. Apptunix holds a leading name as a top-notch app development company by delivering excellent outcomes perfectly equipped with security, connectivity and a seamless interface. Visit the website to learn more!