Blockchain Game Development - A Complete Overview
Blockchain Game Development - A Complete Overview
Here you can know about Blockchain game development in detail.

Now, the word blockchain is a trend among several entrepreneurs. Many game development studios have started utilizing blockchain technology to create new games. Blockchain technology has also been widely embraced in other fields such as DAOs, NFTs, decentralized finance software, and decentralized applications.


Most Popular Blockchain Games of 2022:


Below mentioned are some of the popular blockchain games that are currently sweeping the market.

1) OX Universe,

2) Crop Bytes,

3) My Neighbor Alice,

4) Cryptokitties.


Benefits of Blockchain Game Development


1) Open Source Mentality - Creating marketplaces and ecosystems to incentivize developers has no bounds. Building assets can be used to compensate them and monetize the game.

2) Compensation & Sponsorship - Developers can link sponsors immediately to their games, allowing them to increase revenue. The developers can charge a small fee for each transaction.

3) Regulated Gaming Economies - With the use of blockchain, developers and owners could collect royalties. In the form of a transaction fee, a certain sum can be paid for objects being traded.

4) Reducing Revenue Loss - The immutable environment of blockchain allows the game to save billions of dollars in terms of security, while also lowering transaction costs and charges, resulting in fewer losses.


5) In-Game Currency - The proprietary tokens/coins are kept safe in the players’ wallets and they possess sole control over them. It also makes the transaction faster and safer for games and owners.


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