AD7028 5G 4G Industrial Substation Router
AD7028 5G 4G Industrial Substation Router
Alotcer IoT is a fast-growing and innovation-driven technology company with a focus on 5G, AI, and IoT. With advanced IoT insights, the company is committed to driving next-level technology innovation and business efficiencies in an actionable and locally adapted way.

Alotcer IoT is a fast-growing and innovation-driven technology company with a focus on 5G, AI, and IoT. With advanced IoT insights, the company is committed to driving next-level technology innovation and business efficiencies in an actionable and locally adapted way.

Substations are becoming more complex with greater demands placed on the network and connectivity. To address these challenges, our customers asked us to deliver a next-generation routing solution that builds upon our 10+ years of utility routing expertise – and we’ve fulfilled that request with the new Alotcer AD7028 Rugged Router.

Alotcer AD7028 is much more than a new version of its predecessor. The AD7028 is an all-new Industrial Substation Router that delivers powerful and versatile capabilities. It meets the substation needs of today and its modular upgradability will meet future needs with ease.

Before we dive deeper into how it can help you meet the increasing demands on your substation, let’s discuss the background that led to this highly capable and unique platform.

Substation network operators are facing many challenges in the operational landscape. One of these is the increasing complexity of balancing the wide array of new power generation assets (such as solar and wind) with an equally complex consumption model (such as an increase in electric vehicle charging). This real-time balancing act requires operators to connect more assets for increased visibility and control. Quite often it demands higher bandwidth with lower latency in a confined operational footprint.

Expanded network flexibility
Network engineering plans are effortlessly checked in light of their exhibition in the most pessimistic scenario situations with high traffic load conditions. Furthermore, time-synchronized network traffic accounts in various organization areas evaluate proliferation deferrals of various bundle types.
Investigating correspondence issues
Imagining the ongoing organization execution status distinguishes bottlenecks and correspondence issues. Networks are for all time managed, and if there should be an occurrence of occasions everything traffic is recorded. This supports investigating and helps fix existing organization execution issues.
 AD7028 5G 4G router 1 LAN records and examines messages in the correspondence organization. It estimates network burden and proliferation postponements of various organization bundles (e.g., GOOSE messages) inside a nearby substation organization or between substations. All elaborate gadgets are designed and controlled with the AD7028 Control programming, regardless of whether they are associated with a tremendous region organization (WAN).
Industrial routers handled "within the wall" for substation robotization and SCADA applications must need to be substation-evaluated, to be solid over the long haul in this very troublesome and
serious working climate. Most of the Industrial routers right now accessible to the utility business are
modern grade, and are appraised for out-of-plant administration just; they are not planned for sending inside the
outrageous EMI substation climate. ComNet is one of only a handful of exceptional providers that offers a group of Industrial routers
An Industrialular router is an interchange organizing gadget for uplinking Ethernet information or a mix of
Ethernet and RS-232 and RS-485 sequential information, through an encoded broadband Industrial radio WAN (Wide Region
Network) to the PSTN (Public Exchanged Phone Organization), through the client's chosen 2G/3G or 4G LTE Industrial
specialist organization. Notwithstanding the interior Industrial radio, these gadgets might incorporate a mix of a layer 2
overseen an Ethernet router, as well as a layer 3 router with a solid firewall for security against the chance
of a digital protection break or interruption to the organization. Sequential information ability is attractive for those applications
where inheritance RTUs, IEDs, metering, defensive handing-off, information logging, or other terminal gear is to be
flawlessly associated with the organization, without the requirement for a detachable terminal server unit. A fiber-optic
interface using field-installable SFPs (Little Structure Variable Pluggable) optical handsets might be incorporated. For
a profoundly flexible and future-verification association with any multimode or single-mode link plant, for use as all things considered the essential or optional fall flat over the correspondences circuit in case of a deficiency of the Industrial radio connection.
In numerous areas, the Industrial correspondence framework is now present, with basically moment
admittance to an overall organization. An exceptionally dependable, secure, and ceaselessly accessible association is consequently given.
The presentation of the substation correspondence network is significant to the respectability of the whole assurance, mechanization, and control framework (PACS). Our organization execution screen AD7028 notices neighborhood networks as well as associations between substations.
With the proceeding with the development of the Savvy Framework Drive, numerous electrical utilities are presently searching for new
ways to deal with associate remotely-found substations, environmentally friendly power sources, and their circulation
robotization hardware onto a safe and normal organization. Albeit a fiber-optic interchanges network is
the best option for interfacing these offices to a focal control and observing area, because of its intrinsically
secure network and insusceptibility from the serious degrees of EMI regularly experienced inside the electrically noisy climate of a substation, or the close to the nearness of above high-voltage three-stage electrical cables
utilized for circulation, the cost, option to proceed issues, and trouble of developing the fiber foundation to
far off and generally isolated offices are regularly restrictive and not viable.
Overseeing and getting too far off hardware in numerous truly different areas can be expensive and troublesome,
alongside the conspicuous need of expanding the power transmission and circulation framework uptime and the
unwavering quality of force conveyance, while decreasing working and upkeep costs. These prerequisites are a significant
thought for some utilities.


So, for your next substation automation project, consider the Alotcer AD7028 Rugged Router and its flexible feature-rich capabilities. You can start with simple use cases for secure connectivity and enable additional capabilities as your operational requirements evolve (e.g., enabling the Alotcer Vision sensor, adding substation timing by adding the Timing Module or adding private or public Industrialular support via the range of 4G/5G Modules).