3 ways to implement a QA into your development process
3 ways to implement a QA into your development process
Whether you decided to run a startup or already have a product and realized the importance of quality assurance, the question always arises: how I should start.
  1. Hire an outsourcing QA-team.  

Software testing services are getting more and more popular. Such a solution brings a bulk of benefits. And what is most important outsourcing saves your money and time. It's the best decision for growing and developing companies. 

Find a team with profound knowledge and high skills is a challenge for companies. When you hire a QA team, you get the best professionals with a wide range of expertise. In addition, you don't waste time on recruitment and employee adaptation. 

Due to high competition, outsourcing companies try to comply with high service standards and implement best practices and techniques in the work process. You can specify the number of testers for the project and adjust it if necessary. Most vendor companies protect a reputation and sign with a client a Service Level Agreement that reduces risks and regulates duties between the parties.  

  1. In-house team 

Such solutions are perfect for big companies with high budgets and long-term projects. The in-house QA-team close collaborates with the developer team. It increases work efficiency and helps team members better understand the responsibilities of each participant of development. Such collaboration facilitates sharing experience among team members, which leads to an increasing number of professionals in the QA-field. Also, a team that you build will follow and support the company’s corporate culture. But you can face challenges when you choose this way. It's hard to find an appropriate number of professionals, which have strong hard and soft skills and comply with your corporate culture. To deliver products in-time, QA-team should work according to a plan and know how to act when problems appear. It requires great experience, expertise and professionals who can head this process to design and implement such a plan in the workflow. 


  1. Merge of first and second way. 

A consulting company can help your in-house team to maintain processes and eliminate limitations. This approach allows you to review the working process from a new angle.  

The consulting team analyzes the working process, testing tools, methods and strategies, test cases and plans and offers new ways and techniques to increase performance. They share experience and knowledge with your team, teach how to keep documents, or how to conduct specific types of testing. Qa-consult team conduct re-testing of your product to ensure high quality and prevent missed bugs. Such an approach is inconvenient if you haven't sufficient resources to coordinate two teams simultaneously.