How to make your first Diwali special after your wedding?
How to make your first Diwali special after your wedding?
There are many things to do at this festival and therefore people feel a little concerned as they have to complete the household chores while maintaining the fun factor.

A new stage in life begins when two people gets married. It is difficult for girls to adjust with their in-laws because being a bride she have to learn about the customes and traditions of her husband's family for a forthcoming event. A festival like Diwali, gives you the chance to both make it memorable for you as a couple and deepen your relationship with your in-laws.

Diwali which is known as the festival of lights brings a wave of happiness and fills the air with festivities, it is the most awaited Hindus festival which is celebrated over five days all over India and it includes delicious cuisine, fireworks, and unique candles and lamps. If it is your first Diwali after marriage then the charm of Diwali is unmatched and takes on a whole new meaning when you are with your better half. Replete with blessings this festival gives the newlyweds a chance to bond with each other’s families and make special memories.

It is significant to celebrate the festival of lights for the first time with your spouse and your in-laws. When a newlywed couple celebrated the festival with their family then there are many expectations placed on the newlyweds, along with lights, hopes, and love, which is a wonderful celebration time for them. When people doing the preparation for Diwali like cleaning the house, or shopping for Diwali, while the preparations for a newlywed couple are busy making the festival special for their partner. 

There are many things to do at this festival and therefore people feel a little concerned as they have to complete the household chores while maintaining the fun factor. Moreover, as a newlywed, there are various customs and traditions of the new family that both of you have to follow after marriage.

Let's take a look at various things that you have to do as a newlywed on the festival of lights:

Shopping with in-laws: Shopping is the most significant part of Diwali, as it is crucial to buy some new things on this occasion. So, do shopping with your in-laws, you will get a chance to enjoy shopping with the new family members, to know their choices. As, there is a variety of clothes, jewelry, and many other decoration pieces available in the market. You can get these things as a gift for your new family members and other relatives. Also, make the shopping special with your partner by doing it together. 

Make the house clean: Especially for girls who move to another house after marriage. Cleaning the house is the most important and the first thing that comes with the thought of Diwali. It is believed that before the Goddess Lakshmi puja, it is imperative to clean every corner of the house as the goddess Lakshmi visit every house and only stays in tidy, clean areas. As it is the girl's first Diwali after marriage with her in-laws so go right into cleaning and join your family in this vital task. When necessary, ask your partner in this task for advice. 

Decorate your home together: When you decorate your home with your partner you will enjoy these moments and get time to spend with your partner. It is considered that rangoli brings peace and wealth into the house, so make a rangoli with beautiful colors and diyas, and let the different colors spread happiness and joy in your life. Help your in-laws make a beautiful Rangoli by doing so, and make your house beautiful on this special occasion. 

Give a special gift to your partner: Gifts are a gesture of love, so when we give a present to someone then the relationship bonding will get stronger. Therefore, gift your partner such as clothes, a watch, jewelry, etc. 

Give and receive gifts from the new family: Before marriage, you might buy gifts for yourself or your friends. But, as it is your first Diwali after marriage, you should buy a lot of gifts for each of your family members. While buying gifts you can seek a piece of advice from your partner as they can tell you about their family member's preferences. Gifts can be chocolates, sweets, clothes, home furnishings, and jewelry. 

Choose Your best look for the Festival Days: In the case of girls, it is quintessential to make a special look as without the attire and makeup the Diwali celebration is not complete. Remember that both your friends and family will be watching you intently, so on Diwali, pay close attention to how you look. Choose a classic outfit for the day that will enhance your appearance. Use makeup to enhance your appearance and go with your outfit in a subtle yet striking way.

New Diwali customs and rituals to follow: As a couple, it is your first Diwali after marriage, so there are various traditions and rituals that you both partners have to perform together. The most significant thing is the Diwali puja. So move on and join the family in getting ready for the puja on Diwali day. Be at ease. In this situation, your partner will always be your mentor. Always discuss the exact preparations to be made for the puja requirements, it is a good idea to speak with the elders personally. 

Make a variety of delicious cuisines: Food plays an indispensable role in Diwali. People make delicious food at home whether it be mouthwatering sweets or mouthwatering cuisines. Also, for sending wishes to friends and relatives in order to success and prosperity for the upcoming days, many people also give them sweets. A girl may impress her in-laws and husband by making delicious food for them. The festival of Diwali can be the ideal time to tell everyone that you are the best chef. Prepare a lavish, three-course holiday feast. Include unique recipes, then indulge in a lavish holiday feast. Also, by this can strengthen your bond with your in-laws. 

Make Dhanteras special: Dhanteras is a pre-Diwali celebration, so plan it carefully. You and other newlywed brides need to plan and get ready for this celebration in advance. Buying gold, silver, or some other item on this day is customary. Ask your in-laws about their customs and traditions for this day in advance. On the first Diwali following the wedding, take the initiative to go shopping specifically for Dhanteras. In this manner, you will become familiar with household customs and forge bonds with your new family.

Firecrackers: Firecrackers are the best part of Diwali. So, giving the firecrackers to the family's young children would also make them happy. Diwali celebrations should be eco-friendly and mindful of the environment. Therefore use the green crackers because these are eco-freindly and instead of setting off fireworks, we can light diyas, decorate our home and neighbourhood with fairy lights, and enjoy an enchanted evening with loved ones. Your first Diwali with your family will make you frightened and excited. 

Click amazing pictures: In the current scenario where people love to post their day happening on the social media, click beautiful pictures of Diwali celebrations with your partner and family and you can post it on instagram, facebook, and whatsapp. By clicking pictures you can save these special moments for lifetime. 

Plan a Trip to any religious place: It is a best thing that you can do on the occasion of Diwali. Many people have a tradition to go to any religious place on Diwali. So, you can plan a trip to any far place where you can get a chance to visit any sacred place as well as get time to spend with each other.  

Throw a Diwali party: As it is your first Diwali after the marriage so to make it special, you can arrange a Diwali party. In this party, you can play various games, play music, dance, enjoy various kind of food and many more. You can invite your friends, relatives and family to make the celebration of Diwali more excited. There is no doubt that family bonds can be strengthened through getting together and spending time with one other. By doing this you will be able to give both families a chance to interact and spend time together also. 

Give to charity: In this society, there are various people who can not afford to buy expensive gifts and celebrate the festivals like others. So, do not forget about those people and give some gifts to those people. Not only gifts you can donate some money to the needy people so that they can also celebrate the festival with full of joy. You can go to the orphan home or an old age home and make them happy by giving some beautiful gifts such as chocolate boxes, toys, crackers, clothes etc. 

It is common that everyone is anxious and eager about celebrating their first Diwali after the wedding, especially girls, because there are many preparations to do. But you may plan the ideal Diwali with your family and in-laws with the assistance and backing of your partner. The love and support of your family members are the most crucial elements you need as a partner to establish a solid bond in your relationship.

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