I’m a proud 10 seconds swimmer. I take one deep breath, and strenuously take some strides in the water and then, when I’m at the end of my breath, I stop. This I repeat till I reach the end of the swimming pool. That is as much of swimming that I know. Now look, I’m not too proud to admit it.

Few years ago, my wife and I had went on scuba diving in the Philippines. Before we went on the actual dive, we had the instructor come with all the gear to the hotel we were at, and gave us some trial lessons in the hotel’s swimming pool so we would know the basics of scuba diving – how to use the pressure guage, how to wear the mask, how to breathe, signs for communicating and several others. This went on for roughly an hour. Fast forward two hours later. We were now dressed up in our diving suits and walking to the boat. Once all the other divers had boarded, the boat took off to the diving spot. From the moment I sat in the boat, to the moment we reached the diving spot, I said to myself – ‘I can do this!” and repeated this several times to calm myself down. Just as my heartbeats increased, the frequency of me uttering those words increased. And then, I took the dive. After a moment of craziness, I was now in the midst of the world underwater. Everything changed.

Louise Hay, the grand old dame of positivity and proponent of the ‘You can Heal your life’ concept, frequently mentions affirmations as the tool to radically change your life. Her most famous and significant affirmation is to look at the mirror, right into your own eyes and say to yourself ‘I love you’. That, apparently, has a profound impact on oneself. Affirmations that induce positivity within us are helpful tool, especially if you’re steeped in self-doubt, lack self-esteem, full of negativity and hopelessness. And life frequently throws up challenges that make almost all of us finding ourselves in that cesspool.

What are affirmations

They are powerful, positive statements said out aloud or publicly, with full conviction. It means that the person saying it is you, the person listening is you and the person who’s believing it is also you. How, them will it work, you’d say. Well, affirmations are in reality, statements we would like others to say to us, but don’t, statements that we want to believe as true and as real. Even when reality for the time being could be otherwise. Read more....