Labour Law UAE and Employment Lawyers
Labour Law UAE and Employment Lawyers
Labour Law UAE and Employment Lawyers, both are connected with each other. UAE Labour Law, and now New UAE Labour Law is the mastery of Labour and Employment Lawyers in United Arab Emirates

Employment Lawyers in Dubai as top Labour Law Advocates in Dubai are hired more than others to acquire legal assistance. This legal assistance is around providing legal advice and legal services in court. It can be split or defined as follows: 

     1)    Legal Advice Sessions, or couple of legal advice sessions.

     2)    Legal Counselling pre-case.

     3)    Legal Services for all the Dubai Courts or other Emirates Courts.

     4)    Legal Work/Documentation and More.

     5)    Quality Services and Support.

     6)    Understanding of new UAE Labour Law

     7)    Writing to other Companies.

     8)    Writing to other Staff who are not working properly.

     9)    Arranging the HR and Legal Departments inside the offices.  

When a person starts working, he does not know whether he would ever need a lawyer. Nobody wants to hire a doctor and lawyer. It is not the priority of anybody to spend money on hospitals and doctors. There are people who would not call on their employers to remain good employees. They would think that if they keep themselves silent, they will put a better impression on the management which may lead to promotion. But this concept is quite old now. If there has been any discrimination, leg pulling, harassment, pushing, beating, or insult then we suggest calling the HR manager first or the CEO later. If it works, then fine otherwise UAE Labour Law also allows to lodge the Labour Complaint in MOHRE.

The employees are discriminated against in the office. They are not provided with full compensation if required. The job of a Labour and Employment Lawyer is to, aware of such workers about their rights and help them out in difficult situations in the workplace.To begin finding labour and employment lawyers, you need to look into the right places. Visiting various law firms but not finding the right lawyer is problematic. People have trouble finding a lawyer because they do not know what to look for in a lawyer. 

Good Listener = A Quality of the Lawyer

A lawyer should be a good listener. He should listen to the client patiently. It would help him to evaluate the case properly to come up with a perfect solution. A qualified labour lawyer would know all the corporate laws. He can even proofread the employment contracts for individuals and companies. They would try to have the conflict resolved out of court with amicable negotiation. 

The lawyers would need proper documents and evidence against the claim. Therefore, before you hire a lawyer, it is important to arrange all the necessary documents that could help you in the case. He will then evaluate the documents to come up with the solution. If you think that the lawyer is not capable of handling your case, you can always look for a better lawyer. Once you have hired a lawyer then you need to trust him completely, even if you are at fault. The employment lawyers also know the labour laws. Hence, they will manage the case efficiently, depending upon their knowledge and experience. You don’t need to worry about anything at the workplace because employment lawyers are always there to help you out. 

Legal Action

If the labour law is violated by the employee or the employer, the employment and labour lawyers have to take legal action to provide proper lawful remedies. Therefore, if you are in the corporate sector, you should know the corporate laws. There are people who think that they would never need a lawyer. But, if you have a business and keep employees for your company, you must hire a labour lawyer immediately.

If the employees are also told about the labour laws, they can proceed with their claims effectively. Every workplace has similar issues for which the employment lawyers are hired by the employer or the employee. 

The most common problem in the workplace is wrongful termination. It is when the employer does not tell any reason to the employee to terminate the employment contract. Many employers do not even compensate for termination. It is frustrating for the worker when they get to know about the layoff. Therefore, a labour lawyer should be consulted for the wrongful termination.

The second most common problem is discrimination at workplace. When people are working in an organization, they meet many people there. The culture is diverse, and so people should be welcoming to all ethnicities, rather than making fun of their colleagues on the basis of colour, caste or religion. 

Employers also know that employees do not know much about their rights, therefore more violations happen at work. Medical leave is often resisted by employers. Usually, the organizations give medical and family leave for two weeks. 

There should be proper safety for employees working in hazardous areas. They can also refuse to work in that area. The companies should inform their employees about such workplaces. They should be provided with protected gadgets. 

To find a good employment lawyer, it is important to do good research on labour lawyers. The employment lawyers should be well-versed with the labour laws and have experience in dealing employment cases. If he is not listening to the case by interrupting in the conversation, then you should consider another lawyer. Be comfortable with your lawyer.