Polki Jewellery or Kundan Jewellery: What to Wear as a bride
Polki Jewellery or Kundan Jewellery: What to Wear as a bride
Wondering what to wear as a bride on a wedding day? Polki Jewellery or Kundan Jewellery? Check out this blog and get your answer in just one go.

The Wedding Day is the most precious and important day of everyone’s life when a bride wants to look her best. At those times, picking the right wedding jewelry is one of the most crucial factors for a bride to look out for before her big day. Well, it has commonly been noticed that brides specifically get confused about what type of jewelry would look better when and with what type of outfit.

While among most of the different traditional styles of jewellery, the two most common choices of brides are Polki and Kundan Jewellery. If you just must choose between polki and Kundan but are not familiar with how to choose from both of them. Then you can release all your stress. Because we have come up with the ultimate “What to wear when” guide for you. This will help you make the right choice when it comes to your wedding functions. So, let’s take a look at this amazing guide!

Kundan Jewellery

On behalf of the rich Indian cultures and traditional wealth, Kundan Jewellery is made using glass stones. While making Kundan jewellery, no diamonds are used, but it looks like a diamond-like finish. The process uses glass stones to make the jewelry set quite appealing in a gold or silver setting. Since Kundan jewelry has a lot of detailing intricate work, it is considered the most popular choice amongst brides to be.

When to wear?

1.      Budget-friendly yet stylish traditional statement

Weddings literally burn a hole in one’s pocket because there is an end number of things that one has on their list to spend on. So, if you are also on a low budget, then it is highly recommended to opt for Kundan jewelry as it is way cheaper, real, and beautiful. You will not just save some money, but also make a stylish statement while wearing it.

2.      Be ready to dazzle and bling in traditional jewelry

Kundan jewelry is widely known to have a shiny coat and lustrous look than others. It is another reason why brides prefer it over polki or any other style of jewelry. Kundan jewellery comes with a more lustrous look due to its highly polished elegance. Brides can opt for Kundan and be in the spotlight on their special day of life.

3.      Heavy look in light weighted jewellery

Another important factor to keep Kundan jewelry in consideration is the fact of its lightweight but heavy look. This kind of jewellery is highly polished and not raw and uncut like Polki which is what makes it light-weight and easy to carry. If you are someone who doesn’t want to gallop around with a lot of weight on your outfit and jewellery without compromising on the elegant look.

Polki Jewellery

Polki Jewellery is a diamond in the most natural form – uncut, unfaceted, and unpolished. The diamond does not underpass several stages of processing to take on its ultimate shape, as polished diamonds do. The uncut diamonds or Polki stone jewellery are widely used to create elegant bridal must-haves, right from necklaces and earrings to finger rings and nose rings. Polki Jewellery is a must-have at an Indian wedding that looks more stunning with any bridal lehenga.

When to wear?

1.      Look princess in one-of-a-kind Jewellery

Since polki jewellery is made of uncut, raw diamonds, every piece of this jewelry looks one of a kind. The demand for such kinds of jewelry is extremely high nowadays because these are rarely found and untouched, which makes them special. If you want to wear jewellery that cannot be replicated by others, then go for Polki jewellery.

2.      Royal-like look in jewellery

Some jewelry looks appealing which helps one look royal on her big day. Every bride on one of their special days wants to look like a real princess. So, the best option to have jewellery for a wedding day would be Polki jewellery. This will help you look not only regal but also help you take a feeling of royalty. Get captured in your maharani, look for your wedding album.

Wrapping up –

So, with this amazing jewellery guide for brides-to-be, you can now pick the best one for your special day. Buy Kundan Jewellery Collection to give a stylish statement on the day of your wedding. While you may have many dreams for your wedding day and jewellery is a major part of it. We suggest bringing out your maharani look on your D-Day and looking more beautiful by wearing the Kundan Jewellery of the latest trend. Flamingo jewels present the best Kundan bridal jewellery designs that you can choose to have on your wedding day. You can visit the website and check out the latest designs for bridal.