Factors to consider when choosing a diamond pendant
Factors to consider when choosing a diamond pendant
Diamonds are forever - in equal parts dazzling as well as durable, diamond jewelry sure leaves an impact more than most.


Diamonds are forever - in equal parts dazzling as well as durable, diamond jewelry sure leaves an impact more than most. There is nothing that impresses more than a diamond solitaire pendant. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are several diamond accessories available in the market, which can vary in quality and value. This calls for a deeper understanding of what you are looking for when choosing a diamond pendant.

Listed below are some considerations that factor in when it comes to choosing a diamond pendant. 

  1. Diamond quality verification

When choosing a diamond pendant, it is important to account for the quality of the diamond. Here are the 4C’s which are important reference points that communicate a lot about the quality of the diamond: 

  1. Cut

The diamond’s cut is representative of its brilliance, shine and sparkle. It determines the beauty and quality of the diamond and therefore, a round brilliant cut gemstone makes for a shinier and better quality diamond. 

  1. Colour

Coloured diamonds are rare, and therefore expensive. Stones with colours that range from F to G on the colour scale are recommended on account of its brilliance and radiance too. 

  1. Clarity

A good quality diamond is communicated by its clarity. This also translates to a more expensive and valuable stone. I1 or S1 diamonds can be chosen as a denotation of the gem’s quality. 

  1. Carat

Larger the size of the diamond, the more its carat weight and thereby the price. It is also subject to a carat weight that allows for the gem to shine and sparkle, therefore a big diamond that has the signature radiance of the gemstone is a high quality diamond.

 B. Shape of the diamond

 The shape of the diamond pendant is an important consideration since this determines the setting and cut of the diamond. Listed below are some shapes for consideration: 

  1. Solitaire Diamond Pendants

This type of pendant features a single diamond 

  1. Heart-shaped diamond pendants

The most popular and versatile shape, this diamond pendant facilitates easy customization and is most coveted for the sentimentality behind the shape. 

  1. Three-stone diamond pendants

A main diamond at the center surrounded by small stones at the sides, this style of pendant comes in several other variations wherein the stones can be selected as per your desire.

 C. Type of Diamond Pendant

Choosing a diamond setting is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a diamond pendant. This setting determines diamond visibility and therefore the beauty of the pendant. Common settings are mentioned as follows: 

  1. Prong Setting

This setting ensures diamond radiance, brilliance and shine since maximum light hits the diamond and is reflected. Several prongs are utilized to hold the diamond in place. However, extra caution must be exercised when checking the strength of the prongs, so that it is able to successfully secure the diamond in place. 

  1. Bezel Setting

This setting keeps the diamond rather safe and secure since the gem is wrapped with metal on both sides or partially. This keeps the gem from falling out or getting lost. However, there is a slight compromise on sparkle since a good part of the diamond is hidden by surrounding metal.

  1. Tension Setting

A new setting style that adds novelty to design, this setting is quite unique and original and is therefore coveted for its unusually divine look.

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