The Fast and the Furious: How to Test Your Internet Speed
The Fast and the Furious: How to Test Your Internet Speed
If you’re like most people, your internet speed determines how fast your home or office computer operates and the quality of streaming videos you watch online. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the fastest speeds available to you, which means knowing how to test your internet speed. Fortunately, this isn’t as hard as it sounds; here are five different ways to do it quickly and easily.

Why do you need to know your internet speed?

You need to know your internet speed because you want a fast, enjoyable experience while

using your computer. You also may need your internet speed for work or other productivity

projects, so knowing what it is can help you find out if you have enough speed or if you

need faster internet. It’s important to remember that an internet connection in one place

isn’t always going to be as fast in another location.

What are different ways you can check your internet speed?

The most common way to test your internet speed is through a website that does so for you.

There are hundreds of different websites that can give you an estimate on how fast your

connection is, but some have more features than others. The best place to test your speed

may depend on whether you’re an advanced user or not.

What should be your target bandwidth?

While there are a few factors that affect your bandwidth, such as where you live or how many

devices are connected in your household, it is possible to get an accurate estimation of what

speed you should expect. Call your internet service provider and ask for a basic speed test;

they’ll connect you with a special page that will help determine your target bandwidth.

5 tips to achieve faster streaming speeds

Some of us may have connections with speeds reaching up to a gigabit per second, but that

doesn’t mean we’re getting it all. By default, most internet service providers (ISPs) split their

bandwidth into tiers, often giving you only 20 or 25% of your download speed in actual use.

Fortunately, there are ways you can get more—especially if you’re paying for up to a certain


Faster download speeds

First things first, you need a tool to measure your internet speed. I recommend Ookla’s free

Speedtest website and mobile app. With it, you can measure how quickly data moves from

your computer or smartphone to a server at any given time. Now get ready for an

eye-opening experience as you begin testing all of your devices—with my help, of


Faster upload speeds

With faster upload speeds, you can stream larger files in a shorter period of time. For

example, a YouTube video might take only 15 minutes to upload instead of an hour. Faster

uploads are also important for businesses that need to transfer large amounts of data

quickly. Uploading photos or videos is much easier when your internet speed allows for it.

Faster download speeds: Downloading large files takes less time with faster internet speed.

If you want to download movies or TV shows from iTunes, for example, downloading them

on a slower connection will take longer than downloading them on a fast connection.

A faster internet connection also means that online gaming is more enjoyable because lag

is reduced significantly.