Are Lab-Created Gems Natural Gemstones?
Are Lab-Created Gems Natural Gemstones?
Lab-created gems, called "synthetic" gems or lab-grown gemstones, are genuine, and they are just man-made and not mined from the earth.

Are Lab-Created Gems Natural Gemstones?

Lab-created gems, called "synthetic" gems or lab grown gemstones, are genuine, and they are just man-made and not mined from the earth.


Lab gemstones have the same features as natural gems found belowground. The natural gemstones found belowground are rare and expensive, so lab-grown rocks were formed for people who cannot buy such costly natural underground gems. That's why lab-created gems are available for different picks.


Gems that are more expensive and rare are gemologists' favorite gems such as white Synthetic Diamonds, blue sapphire stone and other colors, emerald, lab ruby, and opal. All these are lab-created stones by gemologists.


These lab-created gems are not imitations; these gemstones are the real ones grown in a lab. They are produced in a laboratory but are equivalent chemically, physically, and optically to natural gems.


A gem that has an imitation of a real gemstone is artificially made and does not follow the natural formula, so they are thoroughly different physically, chemically, and optically from the natural gem it imitates.



What are lab-grown gemstones?

Lab-grown gemstones are not found in mining but are created in the lab by gemologists. But Lab-grown gemstones are genuine because they follow the same formula as the natural gemstone. The difference is natural gems are obtained from mining, and real gems are lab-grown gems.  


During their formation and to maintain their characteristics like a naturally-mined gem, the chemical composition and optical and physical characteristics are maintained to get the exact creation like the natural gem.


Lab-grown gems are essential as the natural gemstones that form in nature are earth-mined and are very costly and rarer than lab-grown gemstones because of their natural coloration and faceting without human interference. So because of the expensive term, people could not buy such costly gems. These gems have fewer flaws and inclusions, and they are unique!


Lab-grown gems are not costly, and people can buy them easily. There are many options for lab-grown rocks.


Synthetically created gemstones are genuine because of their identical characteristics in chemical composition, optics, and physical form.


What are lab-grown gems formation process?

These gemstone formations are similar to gems formed in the earth's crust over millions of years. These lab-created stones contain all chemical formulas to acquire the same property as natural gems.


A regular eye cannot judge a lab-created gem. An eye with training in gemology and other devices can only identify a natural and a real gem.


The leading difference between natural and real gems is natural gems typically have inclusions from the crystallization procedure gases and other minerals combined during the molten phase of the stone invention.



And lab-grown gems lean on a steady, controlled procedure of applying minerals, heat, and pressure. They usually have fewer inclusions.


Lab-grown gems are high-quality stones, but their prices are significantly lower than natural gemstones.



There are many benefits of having real gems or lab-grown gems. A real gem can give you many color options and karats in gems, whereas nature can't provide the same.


You must purchase a lab-created gemstone from a trusted jeweler.



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