Choosing the Right Office Chair
Choosing the Right Office Chair
Buying an office chair is probably more important than you think.


Regardless of if you are looking for a new chair at home or in the office, work efficiency and comfort are crucial factors to consider when purchasing an office chair. There are two crucial aspects to consider when buying an office chair.

I. Ergonomics
One of the most crucial factors is ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of work environment efficiency. It also relates to the comfort of a working environment. Check out this article exploring how ergonomic office chairs can prevent health problems caused by prolonged sitting. If you are working sitting down for extended periods of time, an office chair that is not ergonomic can cause stiffness, neck pain, and back pain. These kinds of issues lead to a lack of productivity.

The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine published an article in 2017 stating that the discomfort from prolonged sitting can lead to “decreased job satisfaction, hypertension, and musculoskeletal disorder symptoms in the shoulders, lower back, thighs, and knees. An ergonomic office chair like these ones can help you sit upright and adjust to correct improper posture.

Some factors that make an office chair ergonomic are:

Seat height adjustability
Backrest adjustability
Adjustable armrest
Lumbar support
Stable 5-leg chair base
Nonetheless, the ergonomics of an office chair are not the only factor to consider when purchasing your new chair.

II. Material

The material your office chair is crucial to your comfort. How the material feels on your skin, how long the material will last, and how much support the material offers are all factors worth considering, office chairs are usually one of three materials.

Mesh chairs are usually available in a variety of colours, like this one. A mesh chair is probably the best choice for you if aesthetics are a key factor. A high-quality mesh will hold form and clean easily, but the opposite is true for the mediocre quality mesh. The material is breathable but can irritate sensitive skin. Office Chairs Only recommends reading reviews before buying an office chair that is mesh (for any other office chair related questions you may have, check Office Chairs Only out. They literally only deal with office chairs). Mesh chairs are usually the most economically friendly office chair material.

Leather office chairs are bougie and typically associated with the archetypal executive office setting. While they can get cold or hot in extreme temperature, they are extremely comfortable. They are usually the most expensive kind of chair, as is the trade-off for comfort in most situations. They are easy to clean and can also be stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Leather office chairs like this one and many others also provide many adjustability options.

As the name suggests, faux-leather is fake leather. It has all the same qualities as actual leather except it may crack, break, and have a much shorter lifespan than actual leather. The positive is that it is far more common than actual leather so there are loads of options to fit your individual needs, and it is much more economically friendly than actual leather. It looks the same, cleans with the same ease, and most can’t tell the difference. If you like the look of leather but don’t want to splurge, a faux-leather office chair like this one is probably the best option for you.

An office chair should have basic adjustability (height, front and back incline), 360-degree swivel, and a strong five-star base at a bare minimum for ergonomic purposes. The type of material you choose for your new chair is up to you.