What are the Types of Electric GSE?
What are the Types of Electric GSE?
What are the Types of Electric GSE?

More airport operations managers are looking at the effectiveness of their electric ground support equipment as the airline sector strives to cut expenses. More and more airlines are concentrating on ways to boost efficiency, eliminate downtime, and reduce the expenses associated with ground support equipment, given that the FAA handles approximately 16 million flights each year.

Because it is less polluting and uses less energy, electric GSE has transformed the way ground operations are conducted. Until recently, GSE was powered by lead-acid batteries, but lithium-ion technology is becoming more popular in the aviation sector. Electric ground support equipment is becoming more common at airports around the country, and there are several advantages to using this cleaner technology.

GSE Types

GSE may be found in a variety of airport equipment types, such as these:

Pushback Tractors

Because they are used to push aircraft away from the gate as they prepare to exit, pushback tractors are very strong machinery. They may also be used to move aircraft, such as to an airport hangar, by towing them. Tugs come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the aircraft they are towing.

Belt Loaders

Conveyor belts are used by belt loaders to load and unload non-containerized items such as bags and parcels. When the aircraft's luggage compartment door is open, crew members place the belt loader near the door.

Container Loaders

To keep up with the tight timetables that airlines attempt to maintain, airport ground staff must load and unload goods as swiftly and effectively as possible with Aircraft maintenance stairs. Crews are assisted in this operation by Shipping container dollies, which feature an escalating and descending platform. The pallets are then moved into and out of the aeroplane by use of wheels on the underside of the payload.

Lavatory Trucks

These trucks are used to empty and refill aeroplane restrooms. Tanks are used to hold garbage during flights. A mixture of water and disinfectant is used to sanitise the lavatory tanks during the downtime between flights. Depending on the airport, self-powered restroom trucks may be available, or tug-pulled carts may be all that is available at the time.

Potable Water Trucks

Transporting potable water, or water that is safe to drink, to aeroplanes is made easier with the use of a potable water truck. The water is filtered and then kept aboard the vehicle where it is protected from the weather. Transporting water by truck is made possible by a pump mounted on the vehicle.