Superior Quality Hair Transplant Services Keeping Your safety at Priority
Superior Quality Hair Transplant Services Keeping Your safety at Priority
Winika Clinics is a certified service provider of hair transplant and skin health services following all guidelines and maintaining safety within a regulatory framework

Superior Quality Hair Transplant Services Keeping Your safety at Priority

One of the primary concerns of a person wishing to grow new hair on his scalp is the safety standard of the hair transplant process. It is a matter of trust and the patient has every right to ask questions regarding different aspects of the procedure. It is a rational step to rely on services that are certified and have a good reputation in the market. 

Winika Clinics has an excellent name in the industry as a top-notch hair transplant service provider implementing safe and sound methods. Several patients have benefitted by availing of the services from the clinic. 

Hair transplant basically involves growing hair on bald spots via cosmetic surgeries. Hair from the back of the head is grafted on the balding areas of the scalp. Gradually, there is new hair growth on the spots. Winika Clinics has ample expertise in delivering the safest hair transplant solutions without compromising on the quality standards. The surgeons apply local anesthesia methods to conduct the process. 

Winika applies two broad techniques to accomplish the procedure. One of the techniques is known as FUT. It is also called the Strip Technique. The surgeons at the clinic have several years of experience in implementing the technique to grow new hair on bald spots of the patients who need the service. 

The other technique, known as the FUE technique, has become more popular in recent years. In this case, surgical intervention is not as much as the FUT technique. The results are very promising. Winika has been successful in safely implementing the technique to grow a thick crop of jet black hair on bald spots in the scalps of many patients. 

The doctors at the clinic are trained and have a rich portfolio of treating patients suffering from alopecia. They have vast experience in applying the safest and medically certified ways to grow amazingly healthy hair on the scalp. They also help patients in addressing the issues related to thinning of hair. 

People from other states visit Winika, too, to get their baldness effectively treated by the expert surgeons. The safe and advanced techniques of the clinic are recognized in the medical fraternity. One can confidently rely on the clinic if he or she is serious about addressing the problem of alopecia. 

There is no need to remain confused about the longevity of the process. It is delightful to know that the solutions implemented by Winika last for one’s lifetime. According to the clinic, there is a guarantee on the surgical treatment of baldness, especially through FUE technique. 

In a recent interview to a local journal, one of the Directors of the clinic said that “Our hair transplant services are safest and effective, and at par with the best hair transplant services anywhere in the world.”

About Winika Clinics: It is a top-rated medical clinic that focuses on hair transplant and skin health services. 

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