Efficient DME Billing: Tips to Train Your DME Billing Staff
Efficient DME Billing: Tips to Train Your DME Billing Staff
Training the in-house billing team ensures efficient DME billing. Here’s how you can train your staff to get great results for your practice.

The key to successful DME billing is ensuring effective Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). It can help you reduce errors and decrease overall costs. Your DME billing staff plays an important role in your healthcare practice’s revenue generation and management. Why? Because a well-trained staff can improve claim payments and increase patient engagement. Recruiting knowledgeable people and regularly up skilling them can help you maintain a productive DME billing system. Here’s how you should train your staff to ensure efficiency in DME billing. 

1. Prior Insurance Verification 

Your DME billing staff should make it a point to verify the insurance coverage of a patient before they are allocated any durable medical equipment. Why? It helps you understand if the patient’s insurance covers the costs of the equipment and also gives clarity regarding patient liability. Here’s how your staff can effectively verify insurance:

  • Opting for EMR verification 
  • Calling and validating insurance
  • Using online resources to verify insurance coverage

2. Proactive Collection of Co-pays

If a patient leaves your medical facility without paying after procuring medical equipment, your overall collections can drop drastically. Therefore, train your team members to collect co-insurance and co-pays along with any past dues immediately after you provide the equipment. This can be achieved by establishing a well-rounded checkout process, allowing your DME billing staff the chance to collect the amount before the patient leaves.

3. Use of Latest Technology Systems

Advanced software or future-ready systems can be highly beneficial for your staff to automate the daily DME billing activities. Helping your DME billing staff to understand and operate these systems appropriately can lead to them utilizing technology more efficiently. As a result, the DME billing staff can then be able to simplify your DME billing and coding processes. 

4. Measure Performance and Assign Responsibility

One of the most vital aspects of an effective DME collection process is the responsibility of work performance. If the person with data access ignores their responsibility, the complete process can be hampered. Therefore, train your team members to efficiently coordinate data access and performance responsibility amongst themselves. 

5. Ensure Submission of Clean Claims for Good Collections

There is a positive relationship between the accuracy of your claims information and the collections. Simply put, the higher the number of clean claims your medical practice submits, the greater are your collections. Even a small error in the claim code or using an outdated modifier can cause rejections or denials, resulting in reimbursement delays. Thus, ensure that your DME billing staff submits clean claims with proper documentation and correct information to avoid costly claim denials.

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Training DME billing staff can cost you time, money, and effort. Moreover, it can distract you from the core activities of your medical facility, i.e., taking care of the patients. With Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide, you get DME billing specialists to look after your claims submissions and increase your collection rates significantly. Outsourcing your DME billing requirements to a trusted partner can help you streamline your billing processes without any stress. Get in touch with us to learn more about our DME billing services.