India Fire Safety Equipment Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 14% in value by the end of the forecasted periods of 2027
India Fire Safety Equipment Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 14% in value by the end of the forecasted periods of 2027
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The fire safety market is divided into three segments, the Fire Fighting Equipment, the Fire Alarm & Detection Equipment and the Fire Protection Equipment. Equipment like fire extinguishers contain dry chemical in powder form, with foam and carbon dioxide. Used for stopping the fire. It should be always fixed on the wall and should never be used to prop open a door. Next the fire and welding blankets used to smother small fires that can be anywhere at home or at workplace. For small areas the economy fire blankets or the white kitchen blankets are good and for bigger place a 1.2m x 1.2m blanket in case of emergencies. And the welding blankets are used for protecting welders from sparks and splatter.

Fire Alarm Systems are divided into four main types like, Conventional, Addressable, Intelligent, Wireless. The Conventional fire alarm system has physical cabling used for interconnecting several call points and detectors. The signals from which are wired back to the main control unit. The

Addressable fire alarms are same like the conventional ones, except each detector is set to address. The Intelligent fire alarm each detector incorporates effectively on its own computer, which examines the environment around it and then communicates that to the main control panel.

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The fire alarm & detection equipment are Heat detectors, Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors, multi-sensor detectors, Manual Call Points. The heat detectors can work on a fixed temperature or on they can work on the rate of any temperature change. Next are the smoke detectors have three types and those are Ionization, Light Scattering, Light Obscuring. The

Ionization detectors contain two chambers, the first one refers to the compensate for the changes in the ambient temperature or humidity. The second chamber contains of radioactive source. It also contains alpha particles which ionizes the air passing through the chamber in which the current flows between two electrodes. After the smoke enters the chamber, the current flow decreases and also drops the flow of the current. The light scattering detectors operate on the Tyndall effect. A light source and a photocell are separated from each other through a dark chamber, like the light source don’t fall on the photocell. The smoke passage inside the chamber causes the light from the source. The output of the photocell is used for initiating the alarm.

The Carbon monoxide detectors are electric detectors used for indicating the outbreak of fire at any place. It works by sensing the level of carbon monoxide present in the air. It is poisonous gas produced by combustion. With this next are the multi-sensor detectors combine the inputs from both optical and heat sensors. It is a device that enables personnel to raise the alarm by breaking the frangible element on fascia.

India Fire Safety Equipment Market Overview

According the report published by Actual Market Research titled “India Fire Safety Equipment Market Outlook, 2027”, the market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 14% in value by the forecasted period. The fire safety equipment market is segmented into three parts, the firefighting equipment, the fire alarm & detection equipment and the fire protection equipment. More than 40% of the market share is held by the firefighting equipment segment, which is leading the India market.

By product the market is segmented into two parts, first the fire extinguisher and second is the fire hydrant and sprinkler system and by region the southern parts of India hold the highest market share, as compared to the eastern parts holding the lowest from all the other regions. The fire extinguishers contain dry chemical in powder form, with foam and carbon dioxide. Next are the fire hydrant and sprinkler system are leading the market with more than 50% of the market share in terms of value. By application the market is divided into commercial, industrial and residential parts and as per research the residential segment is anticipated to grow with the highest CAGR and the industrial segment will have the lowest market share by the forecasted period.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which shacked all the markets worldwide. Even the fire safety equipment market saw a downfall because of the pandemic situation. The fire safety market had targeted to incline growth in market, but the lockdown in the whole world measured a massive downfall in terms of value. However, the market is forecasted to grow in the coming years with higher CAGR.

Key Players

Ceasefire Industries Limited, Safex Fire Services Limited, Utc Fire & Security India Limited, Siemens India, Honeywell Automation India Limited, Udyogi, International Private Limited, New Age Fire Protection Industries Private Limited, HD Fire Protect Private Limited, Reliance Fire and Safety Limited, Kanadia, Fyr Fyter Private Limited, Safepro Fire Services Private Limited

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