Factors That Influence a Successful Tattoo Removal Treatment in Brisbane, QLD
Factors That Influence a Successful Tattoo Removal Treatment in Brisbane, QLD
Laser Tattoo Removal in Brisbane is easy now with our Cosmetic Laser technology that will effortlessly remove your unwanted tattoo on any part of the body.


It is believed that 10 percent of urban residents are tattooed. But, at some point, up to half of those who have tattoos would like to undergo a procedure to remove them. For your convenience, the latest methods for removing tattoos enable people to reverse this process with no adverse side consequences.


Techniques for laser removal can, for example, break down the colors of the Tattoo with intense light beams. In this case, the black pigment absorbs laser wavelengths, making it easy to treat. But, other colors must be treated with specific lasers based on the color of the Tattoo.

Additionally, many other elements affect the efficacy you can expect to see. Below are some considerations that can help you make the right choice.


All Tattoos won't disappear a 100%


Before you commit to this treatment, it's crucial to establish reasonable expectations about its outcomes. Talk to your doctor, and they'll inform you that certain tattoos only fade throughout the treatment.



What is the age of your Tattoo?


When did you first acquire a tattoo? The answer to this question will affect the results. The elder it is, the less difficult it is to fade them away with laser treatments.


Where is it Placed?


The body's position is crucial, and the fading process is generally more difficult with tattoos placed on the lower arm or leg.


Where did you get your Tattoo done?


In reality, it's usually much simpler to remove tattoos made by amateurs than by professional artists.


Colors and Lasers


As we have already mentioned that no single laser will remove all types of colors. Since different dyes respond differently to varying wavelengths of light, it is evident that dark black and green are the most straightforward to eliminate. In contrast, fluorescent hues such as purple and yellow are the most difficult to remove.


Your Skin Type


Tattoos can alter the texture of your skin or leave a mark, and the effect is usually concealed through the use of dyes. When the changes that occurred within your skin are exposed, you could be left with a "memory" of your old Tattoo on your skin.


Using Sunscreen


Laser treatment can cause lightening or darkening of the skin's pigments within the treatment area. It is recommended to apply Sunscreen before and follow the removal procedure to reduce the effects of the process. It is also suggested to allow your tan to be removed before having the treatment for the removal of tattoos.


Chances of Darkening


The cosmetic tattoos that are pink, white, or even lip lines that are flesh-colored tend to darken when treated with laser therapy. Although this is a problem that can be addressed with laser therapy, it is recommended to first examine a small area before treating the entire region.

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Treatment of Cosmetic Tattoos in Brisbane, QLD

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