Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage
I am an experienced massage therapist specialised in pregnancy massage for over 20 years.

Best Due Date Massage

There is no greater gift than the gift of life. The feeling of being a mother is truly overwhelming. The body is going through many physical, mental, and hormonal changes. With every passing day her body changes by little proportions. And so, the needs of a mother can be very particular and sometimes peculiar. A pregnant mother’s body should be nurtured with lots of love. It is essential that she should feel the warmth of love showered by her family members and friends. A due date massage was tailored with a very similar motive. It is a special massage that caters to the needs of a woman in her final stages of pregnancy, hence the name “Due Date Massage”. Mothers who got a regular pregnancy and due date massage were seen to have given more gentle births than the ones who did not get these massages. A mother-to-be deserves all the special care and love from her partner, family, and friends. It helps the baby inside her grow. This is why you should book a massage at Jen Hopkins, one of the leading names in maternity care with an experience in home births and medical centers. 


Benefits and Advantages


As the pregnancy progresses, the changes in the body also begin to advance. No step of this journey is the same, and hence different kind of care is required at every step. As the due date approaches, the pregnancy gets closer and closer to its final step. More than 85% of women find the last few weeks of their pregnancy to be the most uncomfortable ones. A due date massage is a combination of techniques that focuses on preparing the body for labor. A due date massage is also believed to alleviate any pain or discomfort experienced at the end of pregnancy. Sometimes women find their due dates to stretch over a period of a few weeks. During this time, the discomfort experienced is at its maximum level. This is when a due date massage really relieves the mother’s body from utter discomfort. One of the biggest advantages of a due date massage is that the newborn is really healthy as opposed to the low birth weight babies of mothers who do not get this massage.


Techniques Used


A massage uses the pressure from fingers, hands, elbows, and sometimes feet to manipulate the soft tissues in our body. The techniques used in a due date massage are also similar but manipulated while keeping the special needs of a mother-to-be in mind. The special techniques used in a pregnancy massage are incorporated in a due date massage along with specialized acupressure techniques that are considered to be completely safe for a mother in her final weeks of pregnancy. The addition of acupressure not only prepares the mother’s body but also prepares the body of the child for birth. During the last trimester, the discomfort experienced is at its maximum as the baby starts to grow into its full size in your womb. The acupressure helps in preparing the cervix for labor, it also stimulates the uterine meridian points preparing your body to experience discomfort during labor.



Give Yourself Some Time


It is important for the mothers to relax and give themselves and their bodies some time to relax before the baby comes. A due date massage gives you a way out from the busy schedule. Once the baby arrives, you hardly get time to nurture your body and give yourself some rest. After all that your body has been through in the past nine months, you deserve some relaxation. A due date massage is exactly the way to do that. Calming your body plays a vital role in gentle birthing. Relaxing your mind and body solves most of your problems and your body prepares itself for the final examination of giving birth to a beautiful child. Jen Hopkins is one hundred percent authentic and genuine. She is dedicated to providing you relief and looking after your concerns that you might have regarding pregnancy. The pricing at Jen Hopkins for a due date massage lasting seventy-five minutes is $110.