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Best Web Development Company|
Web Hosting Company - Logelite, is fast growing web hosting service provider in USA. We are offering VPS, Linux and Windows hosting at wide range.

Best Web Development and Web Hosting Company|

We are among the leading IT establishments striving to better cater to our clients’ needs and requirements. We offer website design, logo design, Swifty design, pay per click, SSL certificates, and other services customized as per our client’s needs. Logelite prides itself on being the best web development company and providing the best web design services and web hosting services. If you are searching for the best SEO company in the USA that can help boost your business’ online presence, Logelite is the right place for you.


Hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. We offer fast, reliable plans for every need - from a basic blog to a high-powered site.


If you don't have a Dedicated IP address, your hosting account shares its server's IP address with other hosting accounts.

Logelite Design Solution provides you with a plethora of shared web hosting plans so as to get your website on the web.

As an IT venture, we aim to provide the highest possible quality of products and servers to our clients. We strive for excellence, and our products can attest to our dedication to make par excellence. Our name in the IT industry reflects the assurance of quality you will get working with us. Our services and products’ quality is a testament to our perseverance in our journey and vision to reach the summit of our product delivery venture’s success.

While we can do everything as best as possible, it doesn’t make a difference if our customers didn’t like the end product. We understand that promising a great product and delivering a great product is not the same thing, so we work closely with our clients to ensure they get what they desire. We created this section to show what our customers think about our products and services, and we are excited to share our customers’ stores and being a part of their success.

Support tickets are replied to very quickly and helpfully. Recommended.

We are now moving up with the google search engine rankings, and without their help i am sure i would have struggled. I would certainly recommend Logelite to my friends and business contacts.

Hello! I got a professional website made by Logelite that now enables me to broadcast my business to the world with sophistication. The elegant website made by Logelite gave me impetus to transcend my innovative business ideas of shoe industry coupled with confidence. The service by Logelite helped provide reliable support and also maintain high amount of traffic on the website.

Total-SEO are professional, honest, hard working & extremely supportive. I would highly recommend this company.

I always have had a vision to expand the horizons of my manufacturing industry and Logelite proved to be a game changer for me. I always felt a need to broadcast my vision to the world with increased prospects of revenue. Logelite helped me consciously in building a brand value through a personalized web site for my company. It was a lovely experience to be a part of the Logelite phenomenon.

By using my suggestions and some of their own ideas, Logelite designed a terrific website for me. They also created a mobile friendly format for cell phones, etc., which is advantageous in this mobile friendly world. I would highly recommend them.

Our experience with Logelite has been definitely an extremely positive one! These guys are always helpful and available for any question, doubt or advice.

reat experience , good customer service, satisfied with the work

Very quick response and helpful, basically just fixed the issue for me without much input from myself.

I would definitely recommend Logelite to anyone who is looking for a reliable honest SEO company.

Simply amazing: fast, quick and easy support. My issue was addressed and fixed very fluently.

They managed to get our website highly ranked on google and kept It there.

First class customer support and hosting. They also provide a new upgraded Premium Hosting service with SSD drives - all unlimited!

This company is a dream. I have been a customer for several years, and have always had a hassle-free and smooth experience with their hosting.

Mature, intelligent SEO services based on proven methods with no fluffy ideas about what works and what doesn't - their methods seem based on research and the results follow on from there.

We are currently in the early stages of working with Logelite, but based on our early impressions, we are confident that we will achieve our goals together and look forward to a lengthy and fruitful professional partnership.

I highly recommend Logelite to anyone considering a new Web Design, I assure you that you will not be disappointed with Logelite

Amazing service, great staff, highly supportive and fast as hell.

I wanted somethiing that conveyed my business image of 'simple and to the point.' That's what I got with Logelite. I'm very pleased.

Logelite provides great value for the work product they deliver.

Good value webhosting service with rapid and effective technical support. Technical problems are usually addressed and solved within minutes.

Great services, reactivity and professionalism.

Another GREAT experience working with Logelite! Having 2 projects in a row go so smoothly i will definitely be telling people about my experience! Dino is the best!! very easy to work with and very responsive. Thank you Logelite!!

I am thrilled with our new website. It was up and running in a couple weeks. I liked the back and forth process with the designer.

Very good communication with Claire Hall - have seen noticeable improvements in a short time. Would certainly recommend!

Logelite provides detailed campaign analysis on the back of which we have changed our web hosting company to significantly increase our website speed and Google Ranking.

The website is visually engaging and professional. It rivals websites that cost thousands of dollars, but it was very affordable. I highly recommend Logelite

We have been using Logelite for a couple of months and we have found the results quite significant in our presence in the search engines. There are a lot of SEO companies out there that say they can do but Logelite have delivered where the others have failed. Their staff know what they are doing and get you great results.

Useful. I got quick, understandable answers. I still get to know the service.

The only honest company I worked with reguarding my issues making a website, I already see the positive dynamics on my website traffic. I will definitely recommend this company to everyone who would like to improve their SEO.

They helped me in building my 5 page site and they did great job. I had a bad time with my previous host until I moved to these people. Cheers..!!!

Excellent service as per usual, recommended

Low cost, reliable hosting platform with exceptional support (responses to support tickets in under 5 mins)

Superfast response and resolution, As always fantastic customer support

Great web hosting company to work with.

Logelite was very easy to use and the customer service was excellent. Everyone I spoke to was very responsive and truly seemed to care about my satisfaction. I'm very happy with the job they did creating my website. I love how easy they make it to edit the site on my own. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone interested in creating their own website.

Thank you for a great experience. Super communicative staff, great results and quite flexible. Truly professional and friendly.

Logelite have given me a fantastic service over the last eight months.

Excellent support around upgrade, all issues sorted incredibly quickly.

The best company the listen to all your needs and put together what works for you, always an e-mail away to answer any questions that come up

If you are looking for someone to do your SEO, we would highly recommend Logelite

Ben sorted out my problem with professionalism, speed, and competency. I'm 100% satisfied!

It was great to have found Logelite !! The team is professional and want to achieve Guest Satisfaction!

Amazing and helpful service through out. Would definitely recommend again

Cannot fault the service or support these guys offer, been with them for abut 5 years I think, hosted a variety of stuff for me, won't be switching any time soon!

I'd highly recommend Logelite to anyone looking to grow their business, it's well worth the investment.

We have been using Logelite & Marketing for a number of years now and have been 100% happy with the service we have received.

Really helpful and honest service. Will be working with these guys again in the future.

Their attention to detail is great, the team I work with is very supportive and responsive. The best thing - my stats are all improving! Would highly recommend.

Very helpful support staff woulsd reccommend.

Amazing service with quick response .Amazed by extensive level of customer service.

Am very happy with the continuing service and support I get from the team at Logelite. Would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their company's SEO status on the internet.

Excellent to work with. I really felt like I was on a team.

Absolutley first class. Raised an issue and it was dealt with within minutes.

The support is the best of the best!!! Thanks for all

I have a retail store and started feeling lately to expand my business on the internet with its wide scope and horizon along with a plethora of innovative service delivery management options. Logelite was recommended by a friend of my mine who had already availed the services of Logelite. Just work the way you all work and make success happen for entrepreneurs like me.

Very kind and speedy support! Thank you very much!!

Very pleased. Always helpful, a friendly and professional service. Recommended.

We have been working with Logelite for about a year now and we have been very impressed. They look after many areas of SEO and have provided some very positive results at very reasonable costs which is great

I would highly recommend Logelite Web Hosting as their services are excellent and their customer service is second to none!

I got a business email from Logelite and I have every point to rejoice over my decision. I have an adventure travel company which demands a well up to date and elegant business email. All thanks to Logelite for their continuous pursuit of excellence throughout the entire process of email build up. Go with Logelite and happy business!

Very good experience with Logelite team

In all they provide a great service and we are pleased we went with them.

I get more business from being ranked higher, more than the campaign costs so it pays for itself

Logelite is always expanding web design and technology. I recently updated my website,

Logelite is economical and easy to use. As a professional offering my services, I needed a straightforward web presence that I could customize myself and Logelite easily provides that. It allows me to author and post technical articles.

Fast responding, excellent level of service.

They were quick, straight to the point and nice! Brilliant!

It's been around 10 days since ordering and the support I've received so far has been outstanding. I am now looking at ordering the reseller package in the coming days.