Uniquely Tamed Hair to Become America's #1 Black Owned Hair Company
Uniquely Tamed Hair to Become America's #1 Black Owned Hair Company
'Uniquely Tamed Hair' offers a wide range of virgin and unprocessed Brazilian hair. The company is now fully geared to become America's #1 black owned hair company.

Bridgeton, MO, 03 July 2022 — Uniquely Tamed Hair is a company dedicated to bringing the best virgin hair products to a large clientele in the United States. With a wide selection of premium quality bundles, wigs, lashes and extensions, all made from virgin and unprocessed Brazilian hair, the company has been heralded by customers from the very start. After making a lot of progress throughout the years and breaking many barriers, Uniquely Tamed Hair is now fully set to become America's #1 black owned hair company in 2022.

A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement "Here at Uniquely Tamed Hair, we are highly proactive about bringing the best 100% luxurious virgin human hair products to the United States. We always strive to source the best product from the most ethical and reliable sources so not only do we offer a great product to our customers, we also ensure that the products are being sourced responsibly."

The spokesperson further added "Our current lineup of products is very vast, but we will continue to add more and more products to our repertoire. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product and customer support to our buyers, while our vision is to become the best USA hair company."

Other products in the company's lineup also include frontals and closures, 3D, 5D and 6D mink eyelashes, along with unique hair styling accessories to help customers get their desired style and look with ease. More details about Uniquely Tamed Hair and their products can be seen on the official company website at