VLC Spices – Your Choice for Private Label Solution
VLC Spices – Your Choice for Private Label Solution
If you want to start selling your products online, there is no compulsion that you manufacture and develop them, and invest a huge amount of money.

If you want to start selling your products online, there is no compulsion that you manufacture and develop them, and invest a huge amount of money. There is an eCommerce business module that allows you to sell your product without manufacturing it on your own. 

Private labeling is a business model, where you work with a third-party manufacturer to create your own brand, and can make your own custom products. Private label seasoning companies are good for companies that don't want to go into production and have an established audience base. 

Growth of Private Seasoning Companies in India

As per recent reports, about 38% of consumers have tried new products during the pandemic, and more than 58% of consumers have to shift from their preferred brands due to the unavailability of the product. Moreover, about 21% of consumers changed their brands to avail better offers. Recently, the demand for white labeling companies saw robust growth, especially in food industries, including whole spice manufacturers

Advantages of Private Labeling

Many custom spice blend manufacturers offer private labeling. It offers a number of advantages including:

  • Control over Production: You are in a driving seat with a third-party manufacturer and can dictate your terms of material, ingredients, quality, production, and cost.

  • Control over Pricing: You are the seller so you have control over price. You can optimize production costs and strategize pricing to make more profits. 

  • Control over Sale: Companies undergoing private labeling solutions have better adaptability as they are in a position to quickly respond to rising market demand, or vice-versa. Thus, they can very well meet the supply and demand of the market, as per the current situation. 

  • Control over Branding: You have control over branding and can choose how to promote and package private label products as per the market demand or as per the unique need of your brand. 

How to Find a Right Private Label Seasoning Company

Finding a good supplier is not the end of your job. You need to know how to filter a good supplier. The overall process of finding the right private label seasoning company can be divided into three headings, before, during, and after: 

  • Before: Before contacting the manufacturers, there are certain things you should watch for. Check their product specialization including their capability of custom spice blending. Also, check the minimum and the maximum quantity they can handle, and the discounts they offer when you purchase from them in bulk. 

  • During: Once you have all the relevant information about your supplier, you need to recheck the capacity and quality they offer. Establish that they have the right infrastructure to fulfill your needs. Understand their production and inventory capacity and how will they handle your orders if you need them in higher volumes. 

  • After: After you have finalized the price and quantity, write all terms and conditions and request a sample. Since you are sourcing from a third party, samples are very important. This will help you vat the products you actually receive. 


The global packaged food market is on the high rise and private label brands are supposed to add even a bigger part to the overall revenue. The most important of food selling, especially while considering white labeling, is your packaging. Find out the quality and types of packaging your service provider can manage. Designing is an important part of your brand. It should draw attention and should be able to connect your customers with what you are offering. 

Many white onion powder manufacturers from India offer private labeling. Apart from selling onion powder, they are also experts in supplying various custom spice blends, whole spices, and ground spices as well. Contact VLC spices and customize your packaging and place your order today.